7 Ways Christianity Teaches Arrogance

It never changes. Every time I login to Twitter, it’s just a barrage of stupid.

“It takes more faith to be an atheist!”

“Why are atheists angry at god?”

“Don’t insult my beliefs!”

It’s just constant stream, reminiscent of the green sludge coming out of your dog after he got half a spinach lasagna when you turned your back for minute. Just a steady stream of putrid rot leaving a slick across your back yard. Today was no different, and I wasn’t expecting as such. Today’s shiny turd, though, was a new one. I don’t often get those.

“Christianity teaches humbleness, not arrogance.”

Yeah. no.

I promptly got up from my chair, walked back to bed, climbed under the covers and tried to wake myself up from this absurd dream I was having.

“What are you doing?” Godless Dad, who was still in bed, asked.

“Restarting the day. It’s broken, I think.”

I gave it a few, went back downstairs, hopeful the universe had a rethink, and sat at my computer. It was still there.

“Christianity teaches humbleness, not arrogance.”

So, here I am. Ready to flush today’s shiny turd with a bit of reason. Here’s precisely how Christianity does not just teach arrogance, it spins, heaving in a vortex around a solid, impenetrable core of arrogance. It is fuelled by arrogance, impossible without arrogance. It is, in fact, the religion of arrogance and here are seven goddamned reasons why, no holy:

It's all for us!

It’s all for us!

Everything was built for us – There are billions upon billions upon countless billions of light years worth of shit out there. Shit we don’t understand. Shit we likely never will understand, especially now that Trump’s gonna be prez, and is planning on firing up the ol’ heat gun on the polar ice caps soon. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies, each galaxy containing billions of solar systems, and each of those with multiple planets. But all of this shit, every speck of stardust, was created so that we could live out our lives under the scrutinizing eye of the fella who made it all. If you ask me, this is the only point I need to make in this post to prove that Christianity, or any other religion for that matter, is just a shitty little engine running on pure, unfiltered arrogance. We are the reason for billions and billions of light years worth of celestial bodies. My. Fucking. Ass.

God is listening to your prayers – Somehow, with all these billions of light years worth of possible worlds, and nearly 8 billion people on earth, nearly a billion of them starving, 1 out of every 122 is displaced by war, half a million of them sold into slavery every year, somehow, some way, the man who made it all is tuned in to your prayer about pulling off the perfect Christmas dinner this year. You, my fine deluded friend, are an arrogant fuck.

Jesus was the first to teach anything – There are some people who actually, faithfully believe that love originated with the Jeeboner. There are others who think the cross-afflicted prophet was the original source of charity. That he brought us monogamy and turning the other cheek. They think these things did not exist prior to the virgin birth – before him, we were just debaucherous rapists who gnawed on the bones of children while fingering our neighbour’s wives! It was only when the light shone down on us and delivered to us a heavenly king, that we decided that hey, maybe not killing each other would be good for prosperity. I’m sorry Bible lickers, if this isn’t arrogance, I really don’t know what is.

Christianity is the only source of hope – Hey atheists, can you count how many times you’ve been told you don’t have hope because you don’t believe in their magic zombie miracle baby? ‘Cause I fucking can’t! It’s a daily occurrence around here. Hope, it would appear, is only something that can be applied to an afterlife. One cannot have terrestrial hope; tangible hope for real people we can prove exist. Nope, the only thing hope can apply to is the big ol’ frat party in the sky. What’s worse, their hope involves sipping mai tais with the big guy on cloud nine, blissed the fuck out like a crack whore on the pipe, all while loved ones, friends, co-workers, and neighbours all burn for eternity in hellfire. This is not just what hope means to them. It is the only hope that can be had to them. If you do not believe in Heaven, you cannot possible have hope. Now that is a level of arrogance I have no words to describe. It’s astronomical; out of this world. The level of arrogance here could clog a fucking black hole.

Christianity is the only source of meaning – Fuck your kids, screw your dog, forget your fucking significant other. They are meaningless. You career, your hobbies, your passions and your volunteer work? Meaningless. Goals, dreams, desires and hopes? Vacuous vortexes devoid of any meaning. No, the only meaning in life could possibly come from some fat fuck in the sky, answering your prayers for a promotion, sat next to his miracle kid who sacrificed himself (but only for three days) so Big Daddy could forgive you for some dumb bitch you don’t know, who ate an apple that one time. That is what meaning is, my friends. It’s the only meaning to be found in the vast expanses of the universe. Arrogant. As. Fuck.

Christianity is the only source of awe – Despite the fact that the only awe I can see stemming from Christianity is my dumbfounded awe at how anyone with even half a mind could believe the wildly impossible claims of the Bible, Christians love to throw the awe argument around. “Without god, how do you have any awe?”. Simple. I just find it much easier to have awe in the breathtakingly massive universe and everything in it, than I possibly could in a fairy tale. If it is your firm belief that awe can only be found in the pages of the Bible, my friend, you have been staring at it far too long. Look up from your book. Preferably at night. With a telescope. That’s how you feel real awe and shed your icky arrogance.

Without the Christian god, there can be no morality – There can, there always has been and there is. Rather than this being a good argument for your little storybook, it’s actually just an admission that you are a serial killer and rapist, fighting daily with your urges to harm, and kept in check only by the idea that the band leader in the sky is watching your every move. You’re scary. You’re not moral. You’re an arrogant, murderous threat and I’d thank you to get the fuck off my blog, walk to the nearest mental institution and check yourself in. People were moral before Christ, and they are in the post-Christian world, too. The only moral lesson to be learned by your book of lies is that if you believe this shit, there is no escaping your own arrogance.

No, Christianity does not value humbleness. It’s the precise opposite. You absolutely must be full of arrogance to accept its teachings. The fact that you think you have a direct line to an infinite, benevolent, all-powerful god who made everything from one corner of the Universe to the other, is about the most arrogant thing you could possibly believe, aside from being that god yourself. You cannot avoid this without ditching your Christian beliefs. They absolutely, unequivocally, require arrogance at levels rivaled by little else.

Christianity is arrogance. Period.

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  • Gustavo M. Rodríguez Liñán

    It is true that Christianity teaches humbleness if we only read some cherry-picked verses from the Bible. However, I fully agree that the core of Christian teachings is basically arrogance disguised as “God’s love” and “salvation”. In my opinion, the most arrogant assertions in Christianity is the assumption that we are made “in God’s image and likeness”. If in the future we discover that there’s intelligent life outside our planet, will we still be the rulers of “God’s creation”? I’m pretty sure that the aliens won’t have a human shape, so they won’t be made in God’s image. Therefore, the Bible implies that we would be superior… That’s the highest peak of arrogance!

    Other incredibly arrogant assertion is calling Jesus’ followers “the light of the world”. This implies that Christianity is the only source of wisdom, and we, a bunch of ignorant fools, should “learn” only from Christ’s disciples. How come that isn’t arrogant? In fact, this is the reason why the Catholic Church hides all those cases of priests molesting children, etc. If the church immediately admits its mistakes, then it would no longer be “the light of the world”. Fortunately, the church got caught in its own trap of arrogance.

    Finally, the first time I learned of this arrogance was when I was in primary school, which was run by catholic priests. I remember a kid was running very loudly by the school corridor when a priest stopped him grabbing him by the hair. The boy got very upset and yelled at the priest: “Why do you pull my hair? You have no right to do that!” The priest responded with “And you have no right to yell at me. I am a priest and represent Jesus. Whenever you yell at a priest, in reality you are yelling at Jesus. Also, that’s why I can pull your hair so Jesus is correcting you.” That’s what priests teach to children. They can do whatever they want since “they represent Jesus”. Nothing can be more arrogant than that. No wonder why we find so many pederast priests.

    • It really is just full of arrogance. Your primary school experience does not feel like fun at all.

    • Anonym

      Well, that’s one of the reasons they’ve molested children. Okay this wasn’t as funny as I hoped it would be.

  • Anonym

    I think you’ve forgotten the fact that humanity itself is very arrogant and ignorant. But I agree with everything you’ve said in the article. Nice work! 🙂