Deepak Chopra Discovers The Cure For Stress… Except Not At All

Deepak Chopra

Happy Thanksgiving, heathens! I have one extra thing for you to feel thankful for on this holiday of gratefulness. Deepak Nopra, it appears, has discovered the cure for stress! Known for his vague approach to reality, and his inability to choke out a sentence that doesn’t contain at least 4 words found in the glossary

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5 Questions For Atheist Parents

Atheist parents

I found this post on Reddit, and decided to answer these questions for you, here. They are, for the most part, good questions. I’d love to hear your answers, if you want to post them in the comments. 1. Are you firm in your disbelief in God or are you agnostic? I am an agnostic-atheist

In Response to Steve Shives’ Video: Them PC Islamophile Blues

The Holy Quran Islam

So, I caught this on Youtube: and so many things struck me as wrong about this. I’ve enjoyed lots of Steve’s videos in the past, but this one left me feeling kinda like how I feel after the dentist; mumbly, numb and drooly. Steve starts out by talking about political correctness. He asserts that the only

Video: #ParisAttacks Nothing To Do With Islam!


After events like what happened in Paris last week, there’s always a chorus of people assuring everyone that ISIS and their violent behaviour has nothing to do with Islam. Of course it has everything to do with Islam. This is in no way, a reflection of how I feel about Muslims. It’s important to make […]

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Explain The Paris Attacks To Your Children Without Cultivating Hatred

Tour Eiffel - Paris

My son knows all about Paris because his paternal grandfather is head over heels in love with the city. A couple of years ago, my father-in-law and his wife traveled to Paris and spent a month there. A documentary filmmaker, my FIL filmed hours upon hours of footage of the gorgeous city. He brought home

Paris À La Carte: Are These Things Really What We Should Be Angry About?


On Friday afternoon, we all stared at one screen or another, in horror and disbelief, as one of the world’s most iconic cities descended into violent madness. Feelings welled up inside of each one of us, a different mix for you than for me, or the next person. We were all feeling something big, though. All

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Leave The Mormon Church

Recently, the LDS church made some policy changes that have a lot of people outraged. In their Handbook, new policies were added that Mormon LGBT who marry will be considered apostates and their children are to be excluded from blessings as well as baptisms. The changes were leaked onto Facebook by an excommunicated Mormon, and

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Make Friends With A Purple Octopus

Me in Tahiti

When you’re eight, you don’t really get it when you’ve been given something that will alter your life forever. You take it for granted. Sometimes you even complain about it. In retrospect, as a busy adult grasping for extra minutes in each day, you look back and think… if only I’d know what I’d been

7 Things Faith Can Save You From

crazy jesus

When you’re an outspoken atheist on the internet, you get sent a lot of cringe-worthy links. We’re talking Lucy-level cringe: I was sent, recently, to this Christian article: 7 Things Faith Can Save You From – which is not really an articles so much as a slideshow of heaping bullshit. I’m just going to go ahead and

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Every Atheist Parent Needs:

My son came home the other day and went straight to the iMac we have set up in our living room. I watched him as he loaded Chrome, to make sure he was headed somewhere kid-friendly, and typed in “” to the address bar. “What’s that?” I asked. “Just games. I’ll show you.” He replied