Atheists Are So Angry!

Religious freedom

I gotta admit… in between swimming laps every morning, playing with my son every evening and hiking the gorgeous trails around my town every weekend, it’s hard to make time to be angry. You know, sometimes writing self-deprecating jokes on Twitter, and coming up with funny religious puns for my posts just get in the

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Guest Post: She Endured A Brutally Violent Crime, Send Her A Message Of Hope #Hope4Cytherea


This is a guest post from @GGmad_cat, writer, author, activist and all around awesome guy.  On January 19th, 2015, adult film star Cytherea and her family were victims of a home invasion by five armed men. In the process of holding everyone at gunpoint and stealing valuable items, Cytherea herself was raped four times. Since the occurrence

Every Atheist Needs: The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence

Ok, so this is more of a “Everybody needs” than it is a “Every Atheist Needs”, because it really has nothing to do with atheism. Perhaps, there’s a slight relationship to skepticism, but this book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good true crime story, atheists, theists, the gullible and skeptics alike. The

On Being An Atheist Blogger Today

Avijit Roy

I’m pretty small potatoes. I have an amazing group of readers who are incredibly supportive, but compared to say, Hemant Mehta or PZ Meyers, I’m pretty small potatoes. Despite the fact that I am pretty small potatoes, I have had death threats. They are few and far between, and I really don’t get the sense

Jesus Has A Boyfriend!

Preston's Sprinkles

I think the last person on Earth any of us would have expected to find coveting thy neighbour’s backdoor is Jesus. I mean, his followers spew hatred for the gays on the daily. They vote against same-sex marriage, they protest with hatey signs at Pride, they refuse to provide the floral arrangements for gay weddings

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Atheist Life Hacks: If You Can’t Explain It, It Must Be Ghosts, Goblins or The Chupacabra!


When I was 15, while I traveled the world with my jetsetting parents, I saved enough money to buy a “boom box” as I called it. I lugged it all over Asia and the South Pacific, and at one point it got lost in the piles of airport luggage in Brisbane, detoured to Papua New

The Ultimate Punishment Part 4: A Humane Way To Kill

Lethal Injection

This is part 4 in a series attempting to debunk the arguments for the death penalty. Read the other parts here. In January, 2014, in Ohio, Dennis McGuire gasped, his stomach heaved violently and his fists clenched through 25 minutes of a botched execution. In horror, an audience and a team of executioners watched a

I Need Your Help


I’m sure some of you have noticed that recently my web site has been performing poorly. It’s slow, it lags and sometimes it returns an error and won’t even let you in. I’ve been in contact with my hosting provider on multiple occasions and have had them pretty much just tell me that I need

Your Stories of Atheism: Nearly Decapitated For Christ


This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here. The first story this week comes from K. She says, I grew up in a church- and bible-less home

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I Never Thought My Huffington Post Debut Would Be For This

Huff Post

The other day I read a post by Kelly James Clark, called Is Atheism Evil? No stranger to provocative titles, I clicked and read the whole thing before calling the fella a tool. You know Godless Mom… self-editing is not my strong suit. The beginning of his post is satirical. Of course he does not believe

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