Things The Godly Say: You Don’t Believe In God, But It’s All You Ever Talk About!

Pagan Halloween

Have you ever been at amusement park late in the day when it’s about to close? You know, when all the normal people are long gone and only people like you are left, who are hell bent on getting their goddamned money’s worth in rides? It’s like a sprint race from ride to ride, where you

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend’s Mom

Gallagher Lake

I met him at school. I was pretty shy, so I didn’t really say much to him. I thought he was cute though, so every time he passed me, my heart would climb up into the back of my throat. I’d gulp and flash him some puppy dog eyes and hope he didn’t notice my

Dear Christian: I Had To Respond To This Condescending Letter To An Atheist


Dear Christian, I read your letter to your atheist “friend”, which you posted on your blog recently and while I am sure you’re expecting all of us heathens to just melt at your kindness, we’re not as think as you dumb we are. The condescension seeped off the page like brown biosludge from a walker who just

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How To Fix The World In Three Easy Steps

Pale Blue Dot

Dana Hunter, over at the Orbit, posed the question, what three things would you change about the world? Now, Dana and I have a history… kind of. I once tweeted her my thoughts, politely, on a post she’d written, and was blocked moments later. Literally, this is all I said: I was block by @Dhunterauthor for

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Guest Post: How not to be a Religious Atheist


This is a guest post from KoufDaddy, a devoted & proud father. Atheist (except to the baseball gods); LGBTQ supporter and GODDAMN liberal. You can follow him on Twitter here. If you would like to be a guest blogger on, click here.  I am an atheist. And pretty much all of you reading this

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Make Friends With Sea Turtles

Sea turtle Akumal

I think it’s the sound of being underwater that I love the most. The noise of the world dulled and cloudy as though far away, the liquid sound of bubbles and the surface meeting air and objects and other swimmers. It’s quiet, peaceful, relaxing. It’s beautiful, too. In the ocean, as the sun’s rays burst into

Your Stories of Atheism: Threats, Lies and Myspace

It got to the point of the monsignor showing me the school furnace telling me I'll burn in hell if I don't shape up

Today is my mommy’s birthday! Yes, she shares her birthday with Hitler and the favourite day of potheads everywhere. So, not only am I baking a cake today, but I am also off to see my son’s talent show this afternoon and then he has a baseball practice. After that, we eat cake! Needless to

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Innocents: Picking Cotton

Ronald Cotton

This is an ongoing series telling the stories of wrongful convictions in North America. To read more of these stories, please click here. If you have a story of someone wrongfully convicted, or you were yourself and want to talk about it, please email me at See my two previous series on the American

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Guest Post: God’s Not Dead 2: Rise Of The Christian Persecution

God's not dead 2

This is a guest post by Jay Solemn, of Godswill Ministries. You can keep up to date with their activities by liking their Facebook page, or following Godswill on Twitter. If you want to be a guest blogger here on, click here. Before I begin, I need to clear this up right away: This

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Things The Godly Say: Respect My Beliefs!

respect my beliefs

There once was a little girl who lived in Ontario, Canada. Makayla. She was just eleven years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. As horrifying as this diagnosis sounds, doctors were quite hopeful that the girl would survive, giving her a seventy-five percent chance of beating the disease. As prescribed, the young girl underwent eleven weeks

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