An Open Letter To My Teenaged Stepdaughter


Hey Sweetie, First off, I just want you to know how much I love you. It’s hard to explain to anyone who has never had a kid, what the love of a child feels like. Further, some people can’t really understand how a mom can love someone else’s child like their own. When I first

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Innocents: One Man, Two Death Sentences

Death Row Ford

This is an ongoing series telling the stories of wrongful convictions in North America. To read more of these stories, please click here. If you have a story of someone wrongfully convicted, or you were yourself and want to talk about it, please email me at See my two previous series on the American

Every Atheist Needs: An Honest Liar

James Randi

We’re all familiar with James Randi. We’ve basked in the glory of his takedown of Peter Popoff and cheered when he made Uri Geller look foolish. We loved his daring escapes and perplexing magic tricks. We adore his reason and there is probably not a skeptic on Earth who hasn’t, during heated debate, referred to the Randi Foundation’s

The Bluff: A Novella Pt. 4


This is a continuation from last week’s installment. Click here to read the previous parts.  The echos of his own footsteps falling on the linoleum floor of the long, wide hallway, made it sound like there were two of him. Perhaps even three. But it was just Danek, marching slowly toward the girl’s dorm, squeezing

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Find Out You’re Friends With A Catholic The Wrong Way


While I was going to college to accumulate debt, I was working at the airport as an aircraft groomer. This basically meant that I sat around all night with my coworkers trying to find ways to pass the time, until a flight from San Diego or Halifax or Hong Kong arrived. With 5 minutes until

New Video: “I’m Not An Atheist!”

Not an atheist

What do you think? Do you think being open about your disbelief helps others to live openly as atheists? Let me know in the comments.

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The Most Clever Multiple Choice Question For Atheists… Ever


Nothing chafes much more than my bra straps at the end of a long, busy day… except, of course, a self-inflated buffoon posing a slack-jawed question he thinks is just about the most clever thing since Ray Comfort discovered the divine secrets of the banana. This fucknutter supreme did just that. Don’t be fooled! Alby may

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Yes, There Are Atheists Who Still Fear Hell


I received this email over the weekend, which I will keep anonymous, Even though I no longer believe I still find myself AFRAID of Hell.  It was beaten into me for so many years it is like a fear that I am finding difficult to shake.   So my question is what advice could you

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids

I’ve written about John Green before. Both John and Hank Green are doing their best to single-handedly educate the entire young population of the world. They’re doing a fantastic job at it, too. Their Youtube series, Crash Course, is relevant for anyone of any age wanting to learn more about our world. They have also

Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Contemplate Before You Indoctrinate


This is a guest post by Angela Russell. Angela Russell is a stay-at-home mom to two girls ages 3 and 4. She holds graduate degrees in School Psychology and Elementary Education but writes primarily as a fellow parent and as someone who thinks that if we can decrease childhood indoctrination we can decrease the negative