Your Stories of Atheism: Merry Christmakwanzakahsticeyule

Merry Christmas

This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here. Before this week’s stories, I wanted to mention a couple things. 1. A few people have asked what I

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Evolve Back Into A Fish


When I was 3, I almost drowned. I was in my aunt’s pool in an inflatable ring and all the adults were turned at an angle facing the sun so they could perfect their tans. My aunt caught a glimpse of my empty ring out of the corner of her eye and flew into the

9 Secular Organizations to Give To This Holiday Season


This time of year, it’s hard to miss all the organizations asking for a donation. The Salvation Army alone is in damn near every store. It’s difficult, as an atheist, to give to charities that have a tight bond with religion, so much so that their “charity” comes with a price. You must listen to

Reasonable Doubt Part 5: Inadequate Counsel


This is part 5 of a series called Reasonable Doubt. Read the other parts here. It almost sounds like a slapstick comedy script. A defendant is on trial for a capital offence and faces the death penalty. His lawyer decides the trial is a great time to catch up on some sleep. Maybe the defense

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: A Magic Set

magic set

It was late one Saturday night. I was putting my little guy to bed after letting him stay up for a movie. He asked me how they’d done certain things in the movie and I explained to him that some things aren’t always as they seem. Tricks can be done to make your brain think it’s

Can Atheists Do Christmas Better?


Do you think atheist groups should be fighting nativity scenes on public property? Do you think there are better ways atheists could be spending their resources at Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Name A Dog


If you’ve hung around here long enough, you know Godless Mom loves the pups. I have my own gorgeous rescue mutt, Rocky, a stunning mix of lab, shepherd, rotty & husky… or so they told me. All I know is, he blows his coat twice a day and I vacuum up twice his weight in

With A History Like This, Who Wouldn’t Want To Be A Mormon?

magic underwear

I had the pleasure of working for a Mormon man once. He filled our staff with Mormons, and I got to know a little bit about their ideas and saw how their beliefs manifested in real life. Within the first week of working there, it was pretty obvious that their lives are wrapped in secrecy, they’re

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Reasonable Doubt Part 4 : Junk Science

Forensics fingerprint

This post is part of a series about wrongful convictions. To read the previous posts, click here. If you’ve ever been gobsmacked at the lies antivaxxers spout, or the idea that grazing on your own backyard lawn can cure cancer, or that 2 million people praying can somehow alter the collective consciousness of the entire planet,

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Enter to Win! Brand New Copy of Waking Up by Sam Harris

waking up

Season’s greetings, hellbounds. Godless Mom may have bought you heathens a gift. Now, because I have very little moola to throw around, I could only buy one, so I thought I would give you all a chance to win it for Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanza or the winter solstice or Dec. 25th. Whatever it

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