Video: What Mike Pence Thinks About Evolution Is Terrifying

How do people fall through the cracks like this? It seems that most people who think this way are from the U.S.A. – do they just not teach you there? What is it you spend your days learning in school? The Pledge of Allegiance I gather… but what comes after that? This guy is a grade A idiot when it comes to evolution. I can’t imagine what disasters are headed our way if Trump wins and this is his second in command:

Do you know anyone who thinks this way? How do you deal? Let me know in the comments!

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  • comrade harps

    Australian cricketing great Shane Warne doesn’t believe in evolution. Why? Because of all the (extant) monkeys!

    It’s a worry.

  • Adam

    Yes, unfortunately, most of the people I grew up with in Texas think exactly this way, as did I for a very long time. It was the only worldview I had ever been taught. I was taught that my school textbooks were just some people’s opinion of how we came to be, and that I should be skeptical of them. Unfortunately, that was the only form of skepticism I knew about for a long time. Sadly, only at the age of 31 did I begin to disabuse myself of faith. I had to do it all on my own, with the help and influence of secular writers online whose material prodded me to investigate faith critically.

    • Well, good for you for doing that. Especially as an adult, having lived your whole life believing one way and then choosing to question those beliefs. That takes strength and I honestly can’t imagine how difficult it is for some. Well done!

  • Peter Whiteley

    A frightening number in US politics, luckily few in authority in the UK.

    Classic strawman in disproving something that evolution is not!

    Of course if there is new evidence about a theory, science tests it and then adjusts the theory (scientific truth) if needed. If there is new evidence about theology then the religious put their fingers in their ears and shout “la, la, la…”

    • Few here in Canada, too. Thanks for reading 🙂

  • bronte nelson

    Well, it is a democratic country and this is what you sometimes get. I also understand it is a country where not one Senator will admit (while running for or in office) being an atheist. Being a Christian is just an old boys club that will eventually wane and disappear, the sooner the better! We had this type of person in Europe a couple of hundred years ago hopefully the US will be quicker than that to wake up.

    Just for reference a scientific theory is a reserved case of the word and is analogous with being fact, which I am sure he knows full well.

  • Stephanie T

    I was born and spent the first fourteen years of my life south of the border and I don’t recall the theory of evolution being refered to as any thing other than the theory of evolution. Mind you, this was back in the “dark ages” of the sixties before the country was invaded (and apparently conquered) by the evangelical army of god, and people seemed a lot more sensible then than they do now.

    GM,Isee you live right up the road from me here in Oliver. I feel the same thing is happening here in Canada and I fear for the future of our country.

  • Brien

    This sort of thinking/lies is dangerous, and is child abuse if told to children.

  • Jim Higgins

    …and just like that,…. he’s the Vice President of the United States. That’s not a frightening statement at all.

  • ShibumiMC

    I watched as much as I could. About 2 minutes. Very sad to see an adult behaving like a pre-schooler. No, worse than a pre schooler. Pre schoolers live in an evidence based world (except for that hide behind hands and appear game that infants love).