Video: Holy F*cking Comments!

What are some of the funny comments you get from apologists? As an outspoken atheist I get a lot of these types of comments from theists. Oddly, all the religious people who contact me with coherent comments and messages, are always the supportive ones. Why is it that the ones who want to argue with me are always so bad at basic writing skills? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Funny this is, I don’t get a lot of comments from preachers. I guess since I’m both queer and godless, they just gave up on me.

    Now I do get a lot of . . . interesting comments from MRAs and transphobes!

  • Brad Larsen

    Ugh. These clowns are just fucking annoying, and ignore-worthy. Hilarious, though. And what can you do? I’ve tried ad nauseum to debate these people, but like you said, they just bail after making their first comment. Most people aren’t really ‘stupid’ when they believe in God . . . some are, but that’s normal logistics in stats.

    Oh, and that idiot that said the first one . . . I . . . I think he might have been trying to say ‘God is the bomb’ . . . which either means he’s using ‘Google Translate’ badly, or he’s just some kid who’s attempting to create new slang . . . badly. Either way, you always end up asking, why the heck bother?

    Yeah . . . this is just hilarious!! RT’D!!

    • Good call on God is the bomb! I didn’t think of that, but it makes sense.

  • George Saint

    LOL… I almost fell of my chair just hearing the first one already. That was precious…. !