This Guy Won’t Be Seeing Jehovah’s Witnesses At His Door Again Anytime Soon

I’ve heard a lot of great methods┬áto ensure Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t come back to bother you, but this one seems to be the most entertaining:

How do you make sure they leave you alone? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Eric Jennings

    Epic! Wish I had the cojones to do that.

    • John Morrill

      It’s probably less a need of Cojones and more a need of additional Salchicha.

  • holyreality

    I prefer to talk to them. I explain that God is an idea that gets unwarranted power from believers.
    I offer a beverage and maneuver myself between them and the door, then I say how I’m a Satanist and how death overcomes life as life depends on death. That I don’t worship Satan but use this idea to discuss the sanctity of reality.

    By this point they are talking fast how they need to go while I keep blabbing and blocking the exit.

  • mykelb

    I just ask them if they like anal.

  • J Solo

    Having spent 29 years of my life believing in JW bullshit, I did my time doing the door-knocking, god-bothering thing. I knew an old woman who had this happen to her, some guy came to the door naked. She apparently didn’t miss a beat, saying, “Do you know the bible promises a time in the future when God will ensure everyone has enough clothing to wear?”

    Entertaining, but still bullshit.