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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Back Away Slowly

Energy balls

This past weekend, my son went camping without me. It was the first time he’d gone away without me anywhere so, naturally, I spent the weekend lamenting the passage of time with my good friend Sleeman’s. Before I spent hours staring listlessly at the wall chewing my nails, though, I had to drop him off

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I was Just Asked To Read This World Salad, Here’s My Response

Dafa as the creator

I was sent this link just now on Twitter, and asked to read the whole thing before replying. To prove I did, I made comments after each point and thought I’d share this with you all, as well.  From Falundafa.org On Dafa Dafa is the wisdom of the Creator. ←– in order for me to

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Video: This Message To Anti-Vaxxers Is Bloody Hilarious


I know a few anti-vaxxers I’d like to send this message to. How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?

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Deepak Chopra Discovers The Cure For Stress… Except Not At All

Deepak Chopra

Happy Thanksgiving, heathens! I have one extra thing for you to feel thankful for on this holiday of gratefulness. Deepak Nopra, it appears, has discovered the cure for stress! Known for his vague approach to reality, and his inability to choke out a sentence that doesn’t contain at least 4 words found in the glossary

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