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Every Atheist Needs: American Jesus

Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate

If you’re not a fan of the greatness that is Bad Religion, you’re probably cocking your head right now, going, “dafuq, Mom? Why do we need Jesus?”. You can relax, because you don’t. What you need is American Jesus. American Jesus is a brilliant song by the punk band Bad Religion. The band is fronted […]

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Overcoming Sin With The One Minute Jeebot

Super Cool Guy Retro Mic

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ribs, I’ve gone intertube mining and dug up some gold. His name is Dr. Bobby Conway! He is the most super cool guy of super cool guy land, the most dreamiest doctor dedicated to devotion, and a hipster on the highway to heaven. He is here to rescue your soul […]

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Your Stories of Atheism Part 1


Last week, I asked you guys to send me your stories about how you came to identify as an atheist. I got an insane response. I haven’t even been able to read through them all. I was so pleasantly surprised by how many of you want to share this stuff! If you missed that post

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Atheist Nightmare Day – Warning: Video Contains Extreme Stupidity


When I got up this morning, I had a feeling something special was going to happen and boy oh fucking boy was I right. Wild Bill For America is that something special. Mary mother of Jesus (no holy) is this man a perfect, unspoiled gem of fucktardery. Wild Billy has taken the liberty of posting […]

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Listen to Jesus – Don’t Read Books, Don’t Watch TV, Just Listen


Happy Hump Day, Heathens! I am a YouTube junkie. It’s true. I love the fact that everyday, regular people can publish intelligent video content and have an audience without having to go through a bunch of old, rotting execs at Fox or something. The downside is, of course, anyone can publish content, intelligent or not. […]

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