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3 Reasons Why #NormalizeAtheism Is A Good Thing

Normalize Atheism

On Twitter, recently, a new hashtag has been making the rounds. #NormalizeAtheism is the brain baby of atheist activist Mark Nebo, who is otherwise known for his founding of Be Secular and co-hosting the Ra-Men podcast. The goal of the hashtag is, as it sounds, to build awareness for atheism, make evident our numbers and encourage

Follow Friday: A Great Tweeter, A Skeptic YouTuber & A Group Of Awesome Canadians

Thank you

Friday came out of nowhere this week, didn’t it? I’m not complaining, I love a good Friday, but I feel like I didn’t get anything done this week. Ever feel like that? Sigh. Before I get started, I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support of this hobby of mine. It’s really

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Follow Friday: An Atheist Punk, Pete Finch & Where To Get Your News


Happy last Friday before schools starts! Wooot! Today I am releasing a much higher quality video than my previous ones, so be sure you are subscribed to me on YouTube so you can see it. Click here. You can also become my Patron on Patreon to help me make more and betterer and the bestest videos.

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Follow Friday: Ethical Bob, The Armoured Skeptic & God Swill Ministries

Heathen Party

Happy Friday Godless Gang, So, this week saw the beginning of my atheist videos on YouTube. I got a lot of great feedback, and some wonderful constructive criticism. Here’s one thing: I ruined my HD camera in Mexico over the summer and have to resort to my webcam which shits the bed. My trip to

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Follow Friday: A Private Eye, Monicks and A Prototype


Happy Friday Heathens! This week has been incredible. I posted my first video last week about my new Patreon campaign and I’ve had nothing but positive response, even though it was literally thrown together at the last minute on a Friday night. You can check that out by clicking here. I had such a positive

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Stupid Jeebot Questions: Why bother debating at all?

Twitter Troll

Twitter, as we know, is a ripe and fruitful ground for nothing but brilliance, education and high conversational standards. The words flame and butthurt and troll are scarce and lost amongst the intellectually elite. Our back and forths end wars, settle disputes and reduce crime rates. Twitter is what the United Nations wishes it could

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Follow Friday: My Favourite British Mommy, A New Subreddit & A Secret Atheist Club


H-hello? Hi guys… *sheepish grin*. Happy Friday. I know I’ve been posting some depressing shit lately, and I just wanted to apologize. I chose the moving words of Forrest Gump to do this, so as he said, “Sorry I ruined your Black Panther party”. I think that says it all, no? Sometimes we have to

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Atheist Life Hacks: 6 Different Styles Of Debating Theists


As Godless Dad always says, if you mess with the donkey, you get the ass. When theists successfully draw me into debate, they awake a sleeping donkey, and often get the ass… but, they also get some other personalities. Check out my wardrobe of debating styles: 1. The Hippie Princess – When you catch me