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Follow Friday: Yakob, Mr Oz & Slaywhore

Follow Friday - Yakob

Happy Friday, Heathens! I know, I know, I haven’t done a Follow Friday in a while. Someone asked me this morning why I don’t do Follow Friday’s on Twitter and reminded me to get back into this. So, why do I do Follow Friday’s this way and not on Twitter? In a word, anxiety. Seriously.

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Follow Friday: The Jeeby Showdown

Nailed It

I follow Jesus. I know that’s the last thing you thought you’d read here on Godlessmom.com, but it’s time I told you the truth. I follow Jesus. In fact, I follow a few Jesuses and I think you should follow them, too. Check ’em out: Hunky Gay Jesus – this son of god has a

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Follow Friday: The Ladies of Atheism

Sketti Tales

It’s Friday and you know what that means: the beer is chilling, the steaks are marinating and we’re only a few hours away from our weekly atheist sacrifice. Are you ready to please the atheist overlords? I am. So, while we’re anticipating that, I thought I’d do some shoutouts for my favourite ladies in the online atheist

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Follow Friday: A Bot, Some Support & A Bit Of Toast

Unicorn & Toast

Happy Friday, you hellbound infidels! Who else is exceedingly grumpy from eating nothing but celery in the wake of the Christmas binge? Me! I am! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Twitter tonight as I inevitably let loose a long line of blasphemous gripes after I sip my first lucious few (dozen) cans

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Follow Friday: Lemons, Pigs and Pics

Atheist Pig

You know what the best thing about Friday is, infidels? It’s the fact that I get to rummage through all of your hard work and highlight some of it. I fucking love the shit you do. Here is some of my favourite stuff I’d love for you to check out this week: Lee Lemon – Don’t

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Follow Friday: When Bullying Backfires

Laci Green is a Bully

Ok, so aside from your usual baby bake and sacrifice, what are your plans for this weekend, heathens? I, myself, have been travelling a ton lately, so I am going to sit on my couch and do sweet, fancy, fuck all. It’s going to be glorious, my little blasphemers. Of this, I am sure. While

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Follow Friday: The Atheist Codger, Free Speech & Homeschooling

Secular Homeschool

It’s Friday! I’ve got beer chilling in my fridge, watching the seconds tick by until the hour reaches a more “appropriate” beer-drinking hour than 9:30am. I am going to hit that couch so hard and binge-watch the Mr. Robot episodes I’m behind on like they’re paying me in Sleeman’s Original Draught to do it. No

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Follow Friday: Drink The Koolaid!

Holy Koolaid

Oh boy, oh boy ladies and balls, am I looking forward to this normal, birthday-free weekend with no houseguests and nothing but me, my family, my jammies and some movies. I hope your plans are just as pleasing to you as mine are to me. This week you need to check out this new YouTube

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Follow Friday: Girls, Guns & Engineers

Atheist Girl

I want to wish a very happy Friday to all the evil, hellbound heathens out there. Don’t forget to blow the candles out after your sacrificial rituals tonight, and baste all your roast babies top down for a crispier skin. When you’re flipping your final bird of the day at the big guy in the

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Follow Friday: Theist Edition

Frankie's egg

Happy Friday Unbelievers! I hope all my American readers had a wonderful holiday and are now trying to work of 5000 calories and a hangover. This week, I want you to follow some theists I love. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking you might get preached at or damned to Hell. With these guys

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