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The Infidel Interviews: The Value of Storytelling

Gene Roddenberry

I asked on my Vine account recently, and I got a lot of really great answers: @godless_mom I'd say getting religious mind individuals to respect the secular origins of this nation. They have hijacked many issues. — Yusuke Urameshi (@Yusuke_420) April 29, 2015 @godless_mom Not the deeply religious folks, but the moderates/apologists. That's a huge

Every Atheist Parent Needs: Sketti Tales #SkettiTales

Sketti Tales

You’ve all probably heard of Veggie Tales, the cartoon that brainwashes children with all the cherry-picked lessons of the Bible. I’ve had to skip over it a few times in the Netflix recommendations in hopes that one day it will just disappear from the otherwise pretty great list of titles for kids. One day… One