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6 Activities Atheists Love That Theists Feel Guilty About

female orgasm

If there is one overwhelmingly common theme running through all the emails and stories I get from atheists, it’s the guilt theme. As a lifer atheist, I have zero understanding of the guilt that comes with religion, but it seems to me it’s more crippling than a shot of that crap your neighbour’s distilling in

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Am I A Sex Positive Feminist?

Let's have sex

Most of you know me already as the fan of the ol’ slap n’ tickle I am. I’ve never tried to hide the fact that boppin’ squiddles is a favourite pastime. Whether you’re ringing your own bell or getting your twinkie creamed by someone else doesn’t matter to me. Getting off is all good in

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Space Cadet Senator Fighting Porn Remotely From Planet Kolob

porn under fire in Utah

The salty state is not exactly known for it’s level-headed reason and skepticism, so when this story about one man’s quest to scrub the internet of porn crystallized in Utah, I was hardly surprised. The most sexually deviant state is looking to cleanse itself – not from the image of conman worshippers or incestuous polygamists

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4 Truths About Every Godly Feminine Modesty Pusher


Being a voracious┬áreader and a glutton for self-punishment, I’ve forced myself to get through a few articles and blog posts about modesty in my day. It’s like the circus sideshow, you know? They’re just freaks I just can’t seem to look away from. I get to shaking my head so much, that by the end

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You’ll Never Guess Who’s Mad About The Old Lust N’ Thrust Again

Jingle my bells

We all know nothing pisses off God more than a good ol’ in n’ out sesh. He’s worried about your junk. He’s worried about where you stick it, how you touch it and how many layers cover it up. He’s concerned about what gender you stick it in, which hole and whether or not you’re

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Nine Ways Atheists Get More Joy Out Of Life

Thou shalt touch thyself!

Yesterday on Twitter, I was sent this tweet: @1966_lee @godless_mom another lost soul who have no joy, must laugh at Christianity to feel good about themselves. Very sad — mardy (@mardybp) September 23, 2015 Aside from the fact that she has a very loose grasp of the English language, and aside from the fact that

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Satan & Sodomy: Don’t Fall Into a Burning Ring Of Fire

Ring of fire

Ass. Tuckus. Badonkadonk. Back door. Can. Tush. Booty. Call it what you want, but we all know what it really is: Satan’s lasso. Stick your wick in, and it’s straight to hellfire with you. At least, that’s what John Piper says. Behind all the relational descriptions of so-called same-sex marriage is the unspoken fact of

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Harder, Faster, Wider: Expanded Defense Of Porn

Pepper Potts

Yesterday, I posted a satirical piece about porn. While I consider much of what I said, true, it’s important to note that it was written for fun and nothing more. That said, I got some serious comments criticizing porn and I thought I would address them with my opinion. Which, combined with a loonie, might

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5 Ways Porn Is Great For Your Relationship

Tiger's Wood

Porn is inescapable. It’s everywhere. There’s not a man on this planet who hasn’t watched porn, and I doubt there are many women, either. Porn is easily accessible, costs very little and includes every type of person that has ever graced Earth with their presence. Porn is funny. Porn is interesting. Porn can be entertaining.

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Why You Need To Talk To Your Kids About Sex Now

“You dropped some.” My best friend, Theresa, pointed to my lap, where there was a sticky blob of Dairy Queen ice cream. We were sitting in the back seat of her Dad’s car. Her sister, Rachel, was in the passenger seat. Their Dad had┬átaken us all for ice cream, and had to pick up something

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