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Every Atheist Needs: Leah Remini’s AMA On Scientology

Leah Remini Scientology

Chances are if you’re an atheist, you know what the Church of Scientology is capable of. You’ve probably seen Going Clear and you’ve read the testimonies of ex-members… you’re familiar with the church’s M.O. and you know how it recruits, sucks you in, and cuts you off from non-believers. You know it’s a cult. You

Video: L. Ron Hubbard Was Black?

L. Ron Hubbard Was Black?

I don’t know what this is, per se, but I do know it’s funny and I hope we get a follow up about that poop/wine thing.

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Every Atheist Needs: Going Clear


My stepdaughter and I have this ritual when she comes over. On a Friday or Saturday night, after the little one has gone to bed, we wait for Godless Dad to inevitably fall asleep, and send him to bed, too. Then we pop some corn and turn on parade of horror flicks, which we proceed