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Every Atheist Needs: The Night Sky

The Night Sky

Have you ever been staring at the stars and wondered “what’s that really bright one?”, or “why does that one look like it’s moving?”. Have you ever wondered if what you’re looking at is part of a constellation or maybe even a satellite? Have you wanted to be able to pinpoint planets and stellar systems

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Guest Post: The Origin Of Gender

Cell division

The following is a guest post by Mark S. Gaffney. It’s amazing how many people are blown away, when you tell them that gender has an origin. They seem to think, it’s always just been here. Do not confuse the origin of gender with the evolution of sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction wouldn’t exist had gender

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Bill Nye Gets Real About GMOs

Bill Nye GMO

I love Bill Nye and his collected, reasonable and entertaining way of explaining scientific issues. Here he is explaining what GMOs are:

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Jeebot Writes Letter To Atheist Professor… I Couldn’t Help But Write Back

Greg, you make my brain hurt

Greg Trimble, ladies and homeboys, decided it would be in his best interest, and not embarrassing at all, to pen an open letter to his atheist professor and post it on his blog for all the world to see. I thought it would be funny to write back. Note: This will be a better read

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11 Ways To Make Sure You’re Raising Critical Thinkers

Digging for Dinosaurs

I was having a chat on Twitter the other day about my little guy being taught ideas when I’m not around that I may not agree with. For example, when my son came home from school explaining that his teacher had taught him that Jesus created the first food bank (of all things, this is where

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