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New Podcast Episode: Alternative Medicine & The Farting Healer

Alternative medicine

Be forewarned that sipping hot beverages is not recommended while listening to this episode. We laughed a lot and I hope it makes you laugh, too. This week, we discussed alternative medicine and I relayed a story about a healer who basically came over to my house, touched my dog and farted a lot. I

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Are These 7 Arguments For A Creator God Convincing?

7 Arguments for god

I had a rough night last night. I went to bed early with every intention of getting up before anyone else and wandering the town with my puppy listening to my favourite podcasts. A wrench was thrown into the works when she, still just 5 months old, had a fairly messy poop situation going on.

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Things The Godly Say: The First Law Of Thermodynamics Disproves Evolution!

DNA Evolution

Last week I got a question from a reader. I’ll keep him anonymous, but let you know is Christian considers himself a skeptic. He said, One scientific reason that I don’t accept the theory of evolution and believe there is a god is because of the First Law of Thermodynamics. The First Law simply states that matter cannot

10 Questions For Ken Ham

Ken Ham Ark Questions

Edit: I realize they were on the boat for a year. My bad. My biblically illiterate bad. Alright, Hammy. I’ve sat by listening to your horseshit long enough. You and I have a long overdue appointment with reason and it starts now. I have a few questions about your little dingy down there in Kentucky and

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10 Kid-Friendly Vacation Spots That Will Exercise Your Science Muscles

Kennedy Space Center

This summer, many Christian families are making their way to the Ark Encounter which recently opened in Kentucky. In the first week of its opening, the park based on the biblical story of Noah drew in 5,000 visitors per day. It’s becoming a common road trip for Jeeby-loving Americans. A pilgrimage, if you will, that’s leaving

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9 Things Evolution Is NOT

What evolution is not

So, here’s a thing I discovered: Don’t argue with an evolution denier right before bed. You’ll more than likely wake up with a migraine the size of Ken Ham’s ugly. If you’re wondering, that’s slightly smaller than his stupid, and just a tad bigger than his goofy. In any case, I have an evolution headache

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Why Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Wrong About Atheism

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Science and truth

It needs to be said that Neil deGrasse Tyson is someone I have an immense respect for. He has taken the reigns once held by the legend Carl Sagan and infected so many with his passion for science and learning and truth. I have no doubt that this man has inspired many young people to

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Nephew Rap a Response To Flat Earther #ThingsYouCantMiss

Tyson - Flat to Fact

So, I’m a middle-aged Canadian mom and I don’t know who B.o.B is. For me, rap is still Andre3000 inquiring as to what could possibly be cooler than being cool. Apparently, though, this B.o.B fella is a flat earther and a holocaust denier. Yes. In 2016. Twenty. Sixteen. At some point you Americans ought to think

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Atheists Don’t Know What Love Is!


Can you define love? Do theists ask you this question? Ask Godless Dad how robotic I actually am: @GodlessDad

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8 Signs You’re Scientifically Illiterate

Richard Dawkins

Here’s something that may shock you: GM ain’t no scholar. I rarely got good grades, skipped my entire 11th grade to stay home and hack into the School District’s BBS, pose as a teacher and debate them all. I had to go back for a semester to graduate. In biology class, I doodled. In art,

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