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Every Atheist Needs: The Path

The Path

I was a huge fan of Breaking Bad. It’s among my all-time favourite television shows, and while Bryan Cranston was beyond spectacular, my favourite actor on the cast for Breaking Bad was always Aaron Paul. I think that’s because he surprised me. When they first introduced us to Jesse Pinkman, I assumed he was going to

Every Atheist Needs: This Hitchens & Fry Debate About The Catholic Church

Stephen Fry

I’ve often thought of apologists for any religion as a bunch of people who study everything in an echo chamber. They only hear what’s been said before. They are nothing but bipedal voice recorders made of meat. They tend not to venture away from a very small list of books that grows only when someone

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Every Atheist Needs: How To Raise Your Children Biologically

Parenting is one of the hardest endeavors… it’s so rewarding, and worth every moment, but it’s hard and full of second-guessing. Nothing has the power to make you doubt yourself quite like loving a tiny human. Books about parenting, I have found, have always been somewhat unrealistic, dull or religious. This one, however, was a

Every Atheist Parent Needs: BrainPOP


There are not many children who flourish in a school setting where rows of desks are towered over by a lecturing, monotonous teacher. Learning is fun… I’ve never quite understood why our schools are hell-bent on making it anything but fun. That’s why I send my son to a private Montessori school and it’s also

Every Atheist Needs: There’s a Hula Girl On My Dashboard

There's a Hula Girl On My Dashboard

I’ve never known belief. I don’t know what losing my religion feels like. I don’t know the feeling of my world crumbling around me, or feeling as though I was born broken and must spend my life making up for it. I don’t know the fear of Hell or of disappointing a higher power. I

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: National Geographic Super Readers

National Geographic Super Readers

One of the most important things for me as a Mom, is passing on a love of books to my kids. Books are not just fun and entertaining, they also keep your mind sharp and create thinkers. A love of books can translate into a love of learning, open-mindedness, curiosity and wonder. I think it’s one of

Every Atheist Needs: A Manual For Creating Atheists

Peter Boghossian

During the #FreeMubarak campaign, I was lucky enough to touch base with Peter Boghossian for a book donation to the cause. He sent out a signed copy of his book, A Manual For Creating Atheists. I hadn’t read it yet, as I’d only been reading specifically atheist material for less than 6 months at that

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