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Ask Mommy: Should I Tell My Ex That Our Son Is An Atheist?

Telling your ex your kid is an atheist

On this blog, I’ve been pretty repetitive about inter-faith relationships. I have said again and again that it’s easy to fall for someone with a deep faith or even someone who believes but doesn’t take it so seriously. It’s easy because there are beautiful, kind, intelligent and funny religious people out there that anyone would

Harder, Faster, Wider: Expanded Defense Of Porn

Pepper Potts

Yesterday, I posted a satirical piece about porn. While I consider much of what I said, true, it’s important to note that it was written for fun and nothing more. That said, I got some serious comments criticizing porn and I thought I would address them with my opinion. Which, combined with a loonie, might

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7 Things To Remember When Dating A Theist

Baby baptism

I’ve dated theists before and I can tell you right now, they can be wonderful, loving and adventurous people and it’s just as easy to fall in love with a believer as it is an atheist. The problem though, is that when you fall in love, you tend to turn into an idiot and overlook

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