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How The Allegations Against Neil Tyson Are Different From Those Against Weinstein & Toback

Skeptical of the rape claims against Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I’m fully prepared for the inevitability that some of you have your minds made up about this post already from the headline alone. You’ve got your mind shut and will only hear sentiments that reinforce your cemented conclusions. The only reason anyone would question Tyson’s guilt while accepting Weinstein’s is because we like Tyson. He’s

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Richard Dawkins, The Amazing Atheist & Our Obsession With Rape

The Amazing Atheist

When I first read the Amazing Atheist’s comments targeted at a rape victim on Reddit, my stomach turned. When I first read Richard Dawkins’ tweet containing a comparison of different types of rape, I wanted to argue… but then I thought about it, as we atheists are prone to do, and with the help of

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