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Atheist Life Hacks: How Disliking Oprah Makes You A Privileged White Racist

Oprah is a tit storm.

The other day, I posted this tweet (if bad words make you cry, click back now): My mom once asked, "How do you spell Oprah?" I said "C-u-n-t". Oprah Brings Atheists on Show- She HATES Them! https://t.co/vxTIGZECnB — 🇨🇦 Godless Mom (@godless_mom) June 20, 2017 and it was promptly met with a DM from a

How To Spot A Nazi

Yessir brigade

Presenting… your honourable (I use the term loosely) commander, General Snowflake. Yessir brigade at attention!  At ease, soldiers. What has brought me here today, men, women and attack helicopters, is a simple reminder that as a member of the Yessir Brigade, you are hereby obligated to identify Nazis. Your pointer fingers better be sharp and

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Here’s a Thing So Many Of You Do, And You Need To Stop


It never fucking fails. Every time some globally horrifying event takes place, like the recent instances of cop-on-black-man violence, or the Nice attack, people start piping up with their favourite reasons why. “It’s Islam!” “It’s racism!” “It’s American foreign aggression!” “It’s a lack of gun control!” They’re sure they know what caused this tragedy, and

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Racism Pop Quiz

I was raised to respect everyone. I do respect everyone. I even respect the rights of those who have harmed other people, as is evidenced by my unending commitment to raising awareness for human rights abuses in prisons and ending the death penalty. I’ve traveled the world and fallen in love with all types of

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Are Atheists Racist?

I’m drowning in the middle of spring break here, unable to get a moment of silence to write anything. This morning, when I my mom texted and asked if she could take my 6 year old out for lunch, I almost called miracle. I almost dropped to my knees and thanked God. Not that I

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