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The Ultimate Punishment Part 6: Irrational Capital Punishment & Conclusion


In this series debunking the reasons to support the death penalty, we’ve looked at: The Ultimate Punishment Part 5: Closure The Ultimate Punishment Part 4: A Humane Way To Kill The Ultimate Punishment Part 3: The High Cost Of The Death Penalty The Ultimate Punishment Part 2: The Death Penalty As A Deterrent The Ultimate

Every Atheist Needs: Confessions Of An Innocent Man

Confessions of an Innocent Man

Faith is, very simply, a belief in something without any proof. A theocracy is powered, at its highest levels, by ideas for which there is no evidence. The value placed on faith in such a society, seeps into every aspect of day-to-day life. It strips otherwise intelligent citizens of their critical thought and devalues truth, and

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Befriend a Killer

You got nothing coming

GM’s gonna get a little dark on you today. I’m feeling a little melancholy missing old friends and I thought I’d pay homage to one in particular. Have you ever had one of those friendships that lasts for fucking ever and goes so euphorically high and so deeply low and even when it’s stable, it’s still something