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Here’s Why I Don’t Give A Sh*t How Many Sweet Nothings Pope Francis Has For Atheists

Popey McKidFucker, the Sentient Turd Smear

Since yesterday morning, I’ve been tweeted and emailed and messaged hundreds of links to various stories reporting that Pope Francis says it’s better to be atheist than to be a shitty Catholic. With each new tweet, message and email, the temperature of my blood has risen and now, just a day later, it’s boiling. But

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What It Would Take For Godless Mom To Endorse The Pope

Recently, the Pope went on a crime spree around the USA, leaving christ-dust on the critically ill, his holy fluids on Kim Davis and little Popemobile skid marks in his wake. “He’s so cool! He took a selfie one time!” I heard echoing across social media. “He’s the best! Did you know he tweets?” I heard

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