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New Podcast! Common Heathens Election Special

Common Heathens

Before we jump into this special edition of the Common Heathens podcast, I wanted to ask a favour. Our podcast has reached its limit of uploads on our podcasting platform. We were able to raise enough to pay for a Pro account, but we have just hit our limit on that, too. Now, we need

Every American Atheist Needs: The Party of Reason and Progress

Party of Reason and Progress

I know I haven’t posted anything about my reaction to the US election yet, but rest assured that’s coming in the form of a Common Heathens podcast sometime this week. Mr. Oz and I will be releasing an election special – it’s been slightly delayed but it should be out this week. In the meantime,

Guest Post: The Rise of tRump – A Commentary On His Supporters


This is a guest post from Allen Harris. Allen is an advocate of Gamergate and a voice in favour of considering all sides of an argument. You can follow him on Twitter here: @crash_matrix. If you want to be a guest blogger on Godlessmom.com, click here. Introduction It’s a very difficult proposition, explaining tRump supporters

Bye America: Trump or Hillary, You’ve Gone Too Far

Hillary Clinton

You know that feeling when you walk in on your kid doing something that infuriates you but you have to keep your shit together because kids are goddamned kids? Well, there was this one night, back when my son was a toddler. He’d just gotten his Big Boy Bed – a Disney Cars bed –

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Video: What Mike Pence Thinks About Evolution Is Terrifying

Mike Pence on evolution

How do people fall through the cracks like this? It seems that most people who think this way are from the U.S.A. – do they just not teach you there? What is it you spend your days learning in school? The Pledge of Allegiance I gather… but what comes after that? This guy is a […]

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Video: A Reminder For Christian Hillary Supporters

Bible against women as leaders

In their desperation to stay relevant, religious fundamentalists just keep going lower and lower. Here’s a pastor who wants to set the record straight for Christian Hillary supporters. The worst part? He’s right. Do you think Christians who support Hillary are hypocrites? Let me know in the comments!

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At Least Now We Know America Is Being Trolled

Donald Trump

I’m a skeptic, folks. You know this about me. There are two types of skeptics, though. The first, is the type that is skeptical about god claims but swallows, hook, line and sinker, just about everything else fed to them┬áso long as it goes along with their comfort zone narrative. The other, is the sort

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