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New Common Heathens Episode! Guns, Gambling & Gripes!

We’re back! Your fave Aussie and the most foul mouthed Canadian mom are back and this time we’re discussing guns. Eeek. Yeah, it’s one of those powder keg issues but Oz and I have never really been known to shy away from the scary shit. Later today, we’ll be releasing a pretty short clip of

Things The Godly Say: The Tenets and Arbiter Of Atheism!

Comment war

As most of you know, I have started a podcast with @MrOzAtheist over at commonheathens.com – we released our first episode a week or so ago, and since then, I’ve been in a comment discussion with a fella on the post. Check it out here. He began by saying, Seems to me that atheism begins

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Every Atheist Needs: My Secret Atheist Podcast

My Secret Atheist Podcast

I have been invited to join @GodlessPoutine on his podcast, My Secret Atheist Podcast. In preparation for this interview, I thought I would give it a listen and i was very impressed! The first episode I listened to featured Gail Miller from Atheist Alliance International. She spoke about their initiative to help atheist asylum seekers.

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