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Every Atheist Needs: Bill Paxton In Big Love

Bill Paxton in Big Love

Over the weekend, the world became a little bit less awesome with the death of Bill Paxton. Forced to think back on his career, many of us have, in the last twenty-four hours, likely exclaimed that it felt like he was in damned near every movie ever made. 2 of the last 3 movies I

Video: I Knew There Were Problems With Mormonism, But This List Is Long…

Mormon Church

This list of problems with the Mormon church surprised even me. How does anyone continue to follow and tithe to this corrupt, deceitful organization? Did you know all of this? Let me know what surprised you in the comments!

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Leave The Mormon Church 

Recently, the LDS church made some policy changes that have a lot of people outraged. In their Handbook, new policies were added that Mormon LGBT who marry will be considered apostates and their children are to be excluded from blessings as well as baptisms. The changes were leaked onto Facebook by an excommunicated Mormon, and

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With A History Like This, Who Wouldn’t Want To Be A Mormon?

magic underwear

I had the pleasure of working for a Mormon man once. He filled our staff with Mormons, and I got to know a little bit about their ideas and saw how their beliefs manifested in real life. Within the first week of working there, it was pretty obvious that their lives are wrapped in secrecy, they’re

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Disney’s Frozen: Fear The Gay Propaganda

Elsa Frozen

Danish princesses, talking rocks, icy castles and a moose all in the same movie? I know what you’re thinking: it’s practically gay porn. If you dare to see this movie, be sure to wear your crucifix and magic underwear, gentlemen, or you’ll surely be leaving with a penchant for man-on-man tookus tickling and soon be

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