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How Religion Strips You Of Your Morality


There’s this new show on HBO I’ve been watching, The Night Of. It’s managed to completely capture me after just three episodes, but in a horribly uncomfortable way. Most of the show is from the perspective of a college-aged young man in New York City. He appears to be a really thoughtful, smart, hardworking kid

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Just When I Thought I’d Had Enough…

Girl hand over her ears

Some days I get really fucking tired of hearing that atheists lack morals or that their lives have no meaning or purpose. I get tired of hearing I’m hurting my kids, or that I’m going to be tortured for an eternity. I get sick of the accusations that I am angry at something I have

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My Final Answer To A Question Theists Can’t Stop Asking Me

Absolute Morality

I don’t know why, or what’s happened, but recently I’ve been bombarded with unusual numbers of theists┬álobbing uneducated, presumptuous questions and comments about morality at me. I feel like I’m at the zoo, dodging shit rockets from chimps. I even hear monkey noises when I read their messages. Did Ray Comfort amass some sort of

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When Theists Assume It Makes An Ass Out Of… Well, Theists

No, good people don't assume things about strangers

Jack Nicholson nailed it. That condescending smile that just puts the fear of death in you so deep you feel it kicking around in your spleen. The iconic smile, the one shoved through an axe-wound in a door, with an implied “Heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!”. When he hobbles up stairs, grinning that Joker-grin, forcing through clenched teeth,

The Most Clever Multiple Choice Question For Atheists… Ever


Nothing chafes much more than my bra straps at the end of a long, busy day… except, of course, a self-inflated buffoon posing a slack-jawed question he thinks is just about the most clever thing since Ray Comfort discovered the divine secrets of the banana. This fucknutter supreme did just that. Don’t be fooled! Alby┬ámay

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Christian Psychopath Admits To Being A Psychopath… Still Thinks He’s Better Than An Atheist

Straight Jacket

You know, sometimes you read something, and you just know that the author has not done his or her research on the topic at hand. Other times you read something and you wonder how the author is able to dress himself without his care aid. Then there are those things you read which make you

11 Irrational Questions Disguised As Reasonable Ones

Tina Fey Eye Roll

Christian Answers has this list of questions up and while I appreciate the fact that they attempt to use inviting language and a reasonable tone, what most Christians asking similar questions don’t understand, is that sometimes it’s the very question itself that’s insulting, not the tone or extra ad homs. Some of these questions are

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More Questions For Atheists and This Time, They’re Gonna Hurt

You shall not fart.

I have officially found the absolute worst list of questions for atheists ever. Every question is loaded, every question is leading and the author of this list is unaware of how absolutely unclever he is, in spite of an evident puffed out chest of pride. So let’s tear the fucker a new one, shall we?

Stupid Jeebot Questions: Where Does An Atheist’s Morality Come From?


In the short amount of time I’ve had this blog, I think the entire christicle population of the world has either asked where I get my morality from or insinuated that without the Bible, I could not possibly have any. Annnnnd…. breath, 2, 3, 4, breath, 2, 3, 4… This is my favourite topic, because

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