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Ask Mommy: My SO Doesn’t Approve Of My Clothing Choices, How Do I Respond?

Should husbands be able to approve clothing?

Sometimes I get messages I struggle with and this is one such note. In fact, I’ve had several messages with the exact same question. I’ve tried to pump out an answer to this one for the better part of a week. It would appear GM has advice constipation, because I can’t seem to get anything other than

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Video: WTF Australia? Why No Same-Sex Marriage Yet?

Australian same-sex marriage

In this video I go over my understanding of the same sex marriage controversy in Australia and tell you what you can do to make sure it passes. It’s 2017. There are no more excuses for developed countries without legalized same sex marriage. It’s not as though it’s not going to happen. It’s going to […]

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You’re A Heathen! You Can’t Get Married!


If you’ve read the classics, you’ve gagged on stories of marrying strategically to advance someone’s position in society. You’ve read chilly moms say, “He’s a suitable match”. You’ve read slimy dads say, “I forbid you to marry below your class!”. These types of stories still freckle our pop-culture. Disney loves to remind us that not so

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Satan & Sodomy: Don’t Fall Into a Burning Ring Of Fire

Ring of fire

Ass. Tuckus. Badonkadonk. Back door. Can. Tush. Booty. Call it what you want, but we all know what it really is: Satan’s lasso. Stick your wick in, and it’s straight to hellfire with you. At least, that’s what John Piper says. Behind all the relational descriptions of so-called same-sex marriage is the unspoken fact of

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Harder, Faster, Wider: Expanded Defense Of Porn

Pepper Potts

Yesterday, I posted a satirical piece about porn. While I consider much of what I said, true, it’s important to note that it was written for fun and nothing more. That said, I got some serious comments criticizing porn and I thought I would address them with my opinion. Which, combined with a loonie, might

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The Church’s Brilliant Plan To Stop The Gaystapo

Good luck

This morning, after the usual cluster of tweets that collected overnight, asking why there are still monkeys, where I got my morals, and did I know Hitler was an atheist, I scanned my feeds. I found a post by a man, Dan Phillips, urging Churches to include language in their constitutions to protect themselves from

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18 Ways A Husband May Be The Glory Of His Wife

christian husband

Yesterday, someone on Twitter sent me this : 18 Ways A Wife May Be The Glory Of Her Husband. With a title like that, you know it’s gonna be all Jeeby’d up. So I took a glance, got to point number 3 and thought, Oh hell no, Bible Bimbo. In 18 points, she managed to take

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Married To A Fatass: What You Owe Your Spouse

Fuck the water

There’s not much better for comic relief than marriage advice from a jeebanger. Here’s one who says we should probs not be fatties, because it shows we don’t care about our spouses. Sure. If you marry a jeebot. Before we take a closer look at her argument… Godless Mom got back. I have never been,