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Can Real Love Really Be Diminished By This?


There’s a charge in the air. The hairs on your arm stand erect. You look that person in the eye, and the entire world melts away. They brush your skin, and it feels like your body just lit up like a Christmas tree. They say a word and your chest heaves. The sound waves being

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Atheists Don’t Know What Love Is!


Can you define love? Do theists ask you this question? Ask Godless Dad how robotic I actually am: @GodlessDad

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Jesus Has A Boyfriend!

Preston's Sprinkles

I think the last person on Earth any of us would have expected to find coveting thy neighbour’s backdoor is Jesus. I mean, his followers spew hatred for the gays on the daily. They vote against same-sex marriage, they protest with hatey signs at Pride, they refuse to provide the floral arrangements for gay weddings

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Love As Proof For God: Where Is The Logic In Love?

Hunstman SPiders

Yesterday, I posted my answer to the first of a series of questions from a Facebook god-goon . This person has since made the exchange rather uncomfortable, which is to say, he’s made death threats because he is that fucking holy. That said, however, some of his questions were goodish, in that I’ve never covered

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