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An Analogy So Bad, You’ll Feel Like You’re Taking Crazy Pills

Crazy pills

Arguments for God and the sorts of things God likes are kinda like Will Ferrell movies for me. Most of the time I get some really great belly laughs out of them. Some, like Old School, are worthy of a rewatch and only get funnier with age. Others, like Night at the Roxbury, have become deep

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The Devil Has Riled Up The Christians Again, And This Time She’s Smokin’ Hot

Matt feels like a woman.

I have about as much use for the Kardashians as Richard Dawkins does for temple garments. I loathe the celebrity worship culture that gives way to the fame of these reality stars who have no skills, no thoughts, and no idea where they are half the time. The only thing I can assume about the

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Every Atheist Needs: God Loves Uganda

God Loves Uganda

This is probably one of the most heart-wrenching films I’ve ever watched. If you can get through it without shedding a tear, I applaud your commitment to stoicism… God Loves Uganda is a documentary film that was released in January 2013. The film follows the connection between evangelical Christianity in the US and Canada and the

The Church’s Brilliant Plan To Stop The Gaystapo

Good luck

This morning, after the usual cluster of tweets that collected overnight, asking why there are still monkeys, where I got my morals, and did I know Hitler was an atheist, I scanned my feeds. I found a post by a man, Dan Phillips, urging Churches to include language in their constitutions to protect themselves from

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Every Atheist Needs: The Imitation Game

The Imitation Game

I really loathe movies these days. If they’re not a part of some franchise, as the 32nd remake of the original remake of the sequel, then they’re a sequel or a remake or some artsy film with no plot, Patricia Arquette and whole lot of drunk, loser husbands. Whenever Godless Dad says, “hey, let’s watch

Religous Freedom Means All Heil The Religious Reich #BoycottIndiana

Frank Turek's Wedding Cake

Frank Turek, Ladies and Baritones… Frank just wants to see all gay people just as miserable and lonely as he is. He wants to bully them back into the closet so he’s not alone in there. The man who reminds me of Joseph Goebbels, just wants to shout abruptly, “No vows for you!” repeatedly and glittering with

God, Gay Kids and A Sex-Obsessed Gospel Goon

Top ten most gorgeous guys

Not sure if you’re in the know, but GM was kind of an idiot when she was a teenager. I’ve been told most people are in their teen years, but damn, I was bad. Every once in a while I go back and flip through all my old journals, and the ones from when I

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Witness To Hate: God Loves Transphobia


If there’s one thing I am sure of about God, it’s that the fucker can’t get his mind off the D. He just cannot stay outta your pants whether you’re gay, trans or just some straight lady who loves to bone. He is obsessed with genitals and I really don’t understand it. I mean, I

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Follow Friday: Atheists Invade Pinterest

Satan in the Front Seat

It’s Friday, Friday, God don’t get down on Friday… What? Oh, you thought I’d never go Rebecca Black low? Hahaaa! How little you know me. First thing this Friday, I want you to check out a coupla fundraisers that will blow. your effing. minds. Well, maybe not full on blow your minds, but they will

One Dozen Reasons To Leave Homophobia Behind You

Alexander Skarsgard Nude

Imagine a world where we are all the same. We dress the same, we talk the same, we watch all the same movies and have the same interests. We all have the same color skin and the same taste in music. We all believe the same thing brought us into being, and we all believe

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