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Every Atheist Parent Needs: DIY.org


As an atheist parent, you know how important it is to cultivate and nurture your child’s love of learning. Unfortunately, public school systems don’t always see it the same way. One of my biggest fears, is that my son will become disillusioned with learning through our lacklustre school system. I can’t rely on his teachers

Bullied for Unbelief: How To Protect Your Kids


When I was in eighth grade, I sat next to this large, awkward girl in Math. I had enough trouble following the lesson as is – I hated math – but it was even harder because this girl , Melanie, would talk to me through the whole thing. Often I would try to ignore her,

Atheist Life Hacks: How To Throw A Macklemore Themed Birthday Party

Pin the mic on Macklemore

My stepdaughter’s life has never been particularly easy. As the daughter of a single, working mom, she’s had to move around a lot, say goodbye to lots of friends, and be shared between two very different households. There’s been a lot of loss in her family, a lot of extreme changes and to top it

Guest Post: Atheist High Schooler Rants

Universe existed

This is a guest post from Ryan, who guest posted previously here. You can follow Ryan on Twitter at @RAtheistH. If you would like to be a guest blogger on Godlessmom.com, please click here. Hey, hi-ya, what’s up (a Soul Eater a reference for the one other person who has watched it)? My name is

Every Atheist Parent Needs: Funology.com


Ahhh, autumn. That time of year when the kids stop going outside and instead, either hog the Xbox or bounce of the walls, breaking shit. It’s not always easy to find things to do inside with your kids, outside of watch television or play board games. In my own search for things to do inside,

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This May Horrify A Catholic Mom, But As An Atheist Mom, I’d Be Proud


When I think of condoms, I think about the single invention could save our planet and our species. Generally, with a “bow-chicka-wow-wow” in the background. Thinking about a pecker poncho usually brings a grin to my face, even if it’s not on the chiseled body of Alexander Skarsgard, because in this tiny little banger balloon,

12 Amazing Online Activities For Growing Critical Thinkers & Their Atheist Parents


If we’re being honest here, half of these activities are things Godless Mom has had way too much fun with. Screw the kids, these are fun for everyone. If you absolutely have to share with the kids, though, these tools and games will help you mould scientifically literate children and help cultivate a love of

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: John Green

John Green

My stepdaughter is smart as hell. She’s far ahead of her years when it comes to most things, and she’s able to put together shit that even eludes me and her father. If you give her any sort of tech, she’ll have it mastered by the end of the day. She’s absolutely brilliant, but she

11 Ways To Make Sure You’re Raising Critical Thinkers

Digging for Dinosaurs

I was having a chat on Twitter the other day about my little guy being taught ideas when I’m not around that I may not agree with. For example, when my son came home from school explaining that his teacher had taught him that Jesus created the first food bank (of all things, this is where

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