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9 Ways Atheist Moms Are Different From Religious Moms

atheist mom

Before we start, I need you to donate to the relief efforts in Fort Mac: Click here. Almost daily, I get comments on my Instagram posts or replies to my tweets that I’m doing some sort of disservice to my kids for raising them without religion. Y’all know me, I don’t give two fucks what

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Video: I Don’t Think I’ve Seen Anything Quite So Disturbing…

child preacher

This is clearly child abuse. Imagine if this kid grows up to doubt the beliefs he’s obviously had forced down his throat. How bitter is he gonna be? And is that… is that the National Geographic logo on it? What the fuck, National Geographic? Thanks to Karlo for sending me this link. WOW – That’s […]

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Guest Post: Evolution Resources for Kids

Evolution resources for kids

This is a guest post from Jonathan Tweet. Jonathan is the author or Grandmother Fish, a beautifully illustrated book aimed at teaching evolution to children. You can grab the book here, and follow Mr. Tweet, here.  Last year, I raised money on Kickstarter to self-publish the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers. It’s called

Every Atheist Parent Needs: BrainPOP


There are not many children who flourish in a school setting where rows of desks are towered over by a lecturing, monotonous teacher. Learning is fun… I’ve never quite understood why our schools are hell-bent on making it anything but fun. That’s why I send my son to a private Montessori school and it’s also

7 Atheist Parenting Don’ts

Kids reading

I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with tons of secular parents here on the intertubes since starting Godlessmom.com. I hear lots of stories… some are sad, some are triumphant, some just gutting. There are a few things I hear though, that just strike me as strange. These things feel counterproductive to me and could have the opposite

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Turn Your Children Into Authors

Nala The Dream Fairy

Few things are more important to me as a mother than passing down my love for stories and storytelling to my kids. One of the ways I do this is by making up and writing stories together. I thought I’d share a story I did with each of my kids. Here is one my son made up himself.

Every Atheist Parent Needs: Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids

I’ve written about John Green before. Both John and Hank Green are doing their best to single-handedly educate the entire young population of the world. They’re doing a fantastic job at it, too. Their Youtube series, Crash Course, is relevant for anyone of any age wanting to learn more about our world. They have also

Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Contemplate Before You Indoctrinate


This is a guest post by Angela Russell. Angela Russell is a stay-at-home mom to two girls ages 3 and 4. She holds graduate degrees in School Psychology and Elementary Education but writes primarily as a fellow parent and as someone who thinks that if we can decrease childhood indoctrination we can decrease the negative

Every Atheist Parent Needs: Space Racers

Space Racers

Here’s another show for you my son picked out, that I overheard while I was cooking dinner one night. The dialogue I heard was explaining the scientific method and the difference between a hypothesis and a theory. I was impressed. I put down my knife and let my split avocado oxidize while I became mesmerized

Every Atheist Parent Needs: Sketti Tales #SkettiTales

Sketti Tales

You’ve all probably heard of Veggie Tales, the cartoon that brainwashes children with all the cherry-picked lessons of the Bible. I’ve had to skip over it a few times in the Netflix recommendations in hopes that one day it will just disappear from the otherwise pretty great list of titles for kids. One day… One