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New Podcast Episode: PIGS FLY! Oz & GM Agree With Jehovah’s Witnesses!

Common HEathens Jehovah's Witnesses

This month Courtney and Donovan respond to a Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet for teens. Plus, we answer tons of your questions! Patrons of the Common Heathens podcast get to hear a giggle-filled bloopers bonus. If you want to hear it, become a Patron : Click here. Here is this month’s episode: If you have a question

Every Atheist Needs: JW Library

JW Library

I have always hoped that the sorts of people who read my blog are also the sorts of people who can sense, from my tone and my personality, that not everything I say is literal down to the last letter. Of course, those hopes have been dashed now and again by my less… let’s say,

Atheist Life Hacks: How To Be Motivated By The Good News


If you’ve been following along with my Jehovah’s Witnesses saga, you know I’ve been passed off from witness to witness, some of them disappearing without a word, others moving on to bigger, fancier things in the big city. I’ve finally been handed off to a woman we’ll call Kate, who is, it seems, in it for

Atheist Life Hacks: How To Find A Missing Jehovah’s Witness

Jehovah's Witnesses

I used to get this nice old lady at the door. She’d have her hanky out dabbing sweat from her forehead when I answered it. In summer, our town can reach temps of forty degrees celsius (that’s about a hundred and four in Yankee). Before we ever got to God, I’d ask her if she needed some

This Guy Won’t Be Seeing Jehovah’s Witnesses At His Door Again Anytime Soon

Jehovah's Witnesses

I’ve heard a lot of great methods to ensure Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t come back to bother you, but this one seems to be the most entertaining: How do you make sure they leave you alone? Let me know in the comments!

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Your Stories of Atheism: Child Refused Healing Surgery

Jehovah's Witness in a wheelchair

This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here. The first one this week is from MikeMoeller1, a former Jehovah’s Witness: I was brought up in a Jehovah

Your Stories Of Atheism: Diversity In Shedding God


This is an ongoing series featuring your stories of how you came to identify as an atheist. If you want to send me your story, you can submit it here. To read past stories, click here. This first one is short and sweet and pretty much exactly the same as my own story. It comes

Why I Don’t Think Anyone Truly Believes In God

Professor Daniel Dennett

Before I jump right into this hypothesis of mine, I want to make a few things clear. First, Godless Mom is not an authority on either psychology or any sort of science. If I had to pick a topic to say I am any sort of an authority on, it would be the accumulation of

Your Stories of Atheism: Seeing The Dark

Kingdom Hall

GM Note: This is a guest post from Two Cult Survivor – If you would like to guest blog at godlessmom.com, you can contact me. Thank you, Two Cult Survivor! I was born into a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and it never occurred to me to be anything else. As a child, I never considered

How (Not) To Deal With Jehovah’s Witnesses At Your Door

Carl Sagan gives zero fucks

So, this bullshit happened the other day. Let's set the scene, shall we? It's like 10am on a weekday during spring break, so I'm home with my 5 year old boy and 11 year old stepdaughter who are currently arguing about wether or not the dining room table is out of bounds. I'm still in my pyjamas because its 10am on a weekday during spring break and I am at home with my 5 year old and 11 year old who are currently in mid argument. When, exactly, would I have had time to put on presentable clothes in which I could have better debated the origin of our species?