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Guest Post: Murder in Kano

The news from Northern Nigeria this past was weekend was grim: an innocent woman, beheaded in the streets by Islamic fundamentalist psychopaths. Her crime? Blasphemy. Mrs. Bridget Patience Agbaheme, it has been suggested, insulted the prophet of Islam and for that, she was brutally slaughtered. You can read more about this horrific crime here. In

Andrew Brown’s Hatred For Atheists Published In The Guardian

Andy Brown hates atheists

See Andy? I can build a straw man, too. I’d like you to meet Andy Brown, heathens. Andy wrote a piece in the Guardian that I think you all might want to read. It’s called: Why I don’t believe people who say they loathe Islam but not Muslims Andrew, with his apparently mediocre intellect, decided he

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And So Today We Mourn For #Brussels

Martha Carrier

There was this woman named Martha back in colonial New England. She lived in the 1600s in Andover, Massachusetts. In fact, her father had been one of the town’s founders. Life was tough in the colonies, especially so for an independent-minded woman like Martha. Her entire life, she went against the grain, having children out

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How The Namazie-Harris Interview Disappointed Me

Maryam Namazie Sam Harris

I made the mistake the other night of popping my headphones in and listening to Sam Harris interview Maryam Namazie while I lay in bed. It wasn’t too long before I was suppressing frustrated groans in fear of waking Godless Dad up. At some point in the podcast, I had to pause and tell myself

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A Quick Lesson For Atheists About Bigotry

rarity bullshit

Last week, as you know, #InterviewGate2016 went down like the Occupy movement, sluggishly led by people who have alarms set for 4:20, cosplay as Old Yeller and who can be found knuckles-deep in kinetic sand when things get confrontational. I won’t go over what happened again, but the gist, for this post’s sake, is that

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Every Atheist Needs: Je Suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie

I never knew there was a dog present during the massacre at Charlie Hebdo last year. Lila, the cocker spaniel who came to work with her owner, Eric Portheault, looked on as the humans in her life fell one by one. Guided by instinct, she lay on Portheault’s face as he play dead on the

5 Ways The Regressive Left Is Wrong About Atheism

Salon Richard Dawkins

The “regressive left” was originally coined by Maajid Nawaz to describe a certain subset of liberals who, in an effort to appear tolerant and culturally sensitive, try to shut down any criticism of Islam or Islamism by calling it “Islamophobia” or racism. The term has expanded over time to include those who push for trigger

Video: Don’t Be A Racist, It Has Nothing To Do With Islam!

Nothing to do with Islam

I love this guy. He sums it up perfectly. The argument that Islamic terrorism has nothing to with Islam, is absurdity at its purest. What do you think? Do these things have anything to do with Islam? Let me know in the comments.

Disturbing Video: Please, Tell Me Again How I Have To Respect Their Culture

Rape game

This is just beyond infuriating. What gets me most angry, is that self-proclaimed feminists or social justice warriors would be among the first to tell me I ought to respect the culture and attitudes in places like the ones depicted in this video. This is precisely the sort of thing that ought to be enraging feminists […]

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Video: Hair-Raising Reaction To Man’s “God is Busy” T-Shirt In Public In Egypt

Egypt Islam T-shirt God

Here’s an extremely brave man who wore a t-shirt that says “God is busy. Can I help you?” in public in Egypt. The reaction of average people on the streets is a little bit scary to say the least.

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