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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Call Out The B.S. of Islam Unapologetically

Indonesian Cops

So there I was, stealing one precious minute to myself in the laundry room as I waited for my washing machine to finish. The fresh scent of Purex, Bleach and Bounce sheets swirling around my head, I hopped up on the counter, pulled out my phone and tapped open Reddit. What’s going on in the

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Video: Imam of Orlando Mosque Calls For The Deaths Of LGBT

Gays must die - Imam

“Death is the sentence” says the Imam of an Orlando mosque when talking about the LGBTQ community. Yes, I said Orlando. This isn’t some obscure town buried deep in the sands of the Middle East. This is America:

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Popey McNoMorals : When God’s Man On Earth Lies About Islam

Pope Francis

I spent the August long weekend kicking my fitness into high gear, catching Drowzees and Zubats with the Fitbit strapped to my wrist. I can’t help but be amazed that we live in a world where this tiny black bracelet can speak silently and wirelessly with my other devices, reporting on how I slept, my heart

Here’s a Thing So Many Of You Do, And You Need To Stop


It never fucking fails. Every time some globally horrifying event takes place, like the recent instances of cop-on-black-man violence, or the Nice attack, people start piping up with their favourite reasons why. “It’s Islam!” “It’s racism!” “It’s American foreign aggression!” “It’s a lack of gun control!” They’re sure they know what caused this tragedy, and

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3 Things Critics Of Islam Are NOT Saying

Buddy Christ

It never fucking fails. Every godless time I post anything critical of Islam, from the woodwork emerges a tidal wave of straw men and irrelevant comments: “B-b-but Christianity is evil, too!” “B-b-but not all Muslims are bad!” “B-b-but Islam is not solely to blame!” Sometimes I feel like I have an alternate personality that writes

Christian Science, Low Expectations and Orlando

Orlando Shooting

Kelsey Grammer is a Christian scientist. I know, I know what you’re thinking… you mean he doesn’t visit doctors? Not quite. You see, plenty, if not most, Christian Scientists still visit medical professionals. In fact, the church does not require that members abstain from seeking professional medical help. The Church’s stance, rather, is that the most powerful

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Guest Post: Murder in Kano

The news from Northern Nigeria this past was weekend was grim: an innocent woman, beheaded in the streets by Islamic fundamentalist psychopaths. Her crime? Blasphemy. Mrs. Bridget Patience Agbaheme, it has been suggested, insulted the prophet of Islam and for that, she was brutally slaughtered. You can read more about this horrific crime here. In

Andrew Brown’s Hatred For Atheists Published In The Guardian

Andy Brown hates atheists

See Andy? I can build a straw man, too. I’d like you to meet Andy Brown, heathens. Andy wrote a piece in the Guardian that I think you all might want to read. It’s called: Why I don’t believe people who say they loathe Islam but not Muslims Andrew, with his apparently mediocre intellect, decided he

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And So Today We Mourn For #Brussels

Martha Carrier

There was this woman named Martha back in colonial New England. She lived in the 1600s in Andover, Massachusetts. In fact, her father had been one of the town’s founders. Life was tough in the colonies, especially so for an independent-minded woman like Martha. Her entire life, she went against the grain, having children out

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How The Namazie-Harris Interview Disappointed Me

Maryam Namazie Sam Harris

I made the mistake the other night of popping my headphones in and listening to Sam Harris interview Maryam Namazie while I lay in bed. It wasn’t too long before I was suppressing frustrated groans in fear of waking Godless Dad up. At some point in the podcast, I had to pause and tell myself

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