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How Do Atheists Explain Anything?

Ball of the gaps

In my head right now, I have that insipid line from Rebecca Black’s glossolalia episode, Friday. You know the line. It’s goddamned poetry: “Fun, fun, fun, fun…” I’ve got this line in my head, because nothing is more fun than when theists demand an explanation for the unexplained, or the insufficiently explained phenomena that saturates our

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More Questions For Atheists and This Time, They’re Gonna Hurt

You shall not fart.

I have officially found the absolute worst list of questions for atheists ever. Every question is loaded, every question is leading and the author of this list is unaware of how absolutely unclever he is, in spite of an evident puffed out chest of pride. So let’s tear the fucker a new one, shall we?

Love As Proof For God: Where Is The Logic In Love?

Hunstman SPiders

Yesterday, I posted my answer to the first of a series of questions from a Facebook god-goon . This person has since made the exchange rather uncomfortable, which is to say, he’s made death threats because he is that fucking holy. That said, however, some of his questions were goodish, in that I’ve never covered

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