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How Outspoken Atheists Are Failing Miserably

Raif Badawi

In recent weeks, I feel like I’ve been in a permanent swirly, ice cold toilet bowl water twisting and churning around my head. I keep getting sent tweets from people who, apparently, have a problem with me but don’t have the guts to approach me themselves. It makes me giggle, sending laugh bubbles up from the

Follow Friday: Atheists Invade Pinterest

Satan in the Front Seat

It’s Friday, Friday, God don’t get down on Friday… What? Oh, you thought I’d never go Rebecca Black low? Hahaaa! How little you know me. First thing this Friday, I want you to check out a coupla fundraisers that will blow. your effing. minds. Well, maybe not full on blow your minds, but they will

Guest Post: An Update From Mubarak Bala #FreeMubarak

JFK Quote

GM Note: Happy sacrilege Sunday, heathens! Since the #FreeMubarak campaign, I’ve been asked by many people how Mubarak is doing. It bothers me that so many people talk about him to me and the others who worked on the campaign rather than talking to Mubarak, himself. So, I asked him to tell us how he’s

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An Atheist On Activism, Human Rights & Getting To Know Heroes

Mubarak Is Free!

I don’t believe in fate. That much is probably obvious.  I do think that a mind that believes something strongly enough will work, sometimes subconsciously, to make things happen. I think when like-minded people suddenly find themselves amongst each other, the reality is, their like-minds brought them there. Fate… fate is just a cop-out. My whole

Yes, Mubarak is Free – Here’s What He Had To Say #MubarakIsFree

Mubarak Is Free!

Keeping Mubarak’s release from the public to ensure his safety served futile. We are excited and elated that he is free, but it’s not over yet. I am overjoyed and proud to be able to post some of his words here, which were published at IHEU.org: “I have chosen to put things behind me for the

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Guest Post: Statement from Leo Igwe on #FreeMubarak

Leo Igwe

For those of you who may not know of Leo Igwe, he is a well known humanist and human rights activist in Nigeria. Here is just a sampling of his resume highlights: Leo was the representative for the International Humanist and Ethical Union in West Africa for many years. He has been appointed a research

What I’ve Learned About The Atheist Community In The Past Week

Mubarak Bala Atheist Nigeria

During this past week, I have been consumed with the Free Mubarak campaign. I have been desperate to find help with this cause because of my significant lack of skills, expertise and experience in this area. I have never tried to rescue an atheist from the clutches of sharia law. When Mubarak contacted me, I

Update: Mubarak Bala Is Still Being Held Against His Will For Being An Atheist


First, before I give you the updates, please click the button below to show your support: Two Sundays ago, when I was first contacted by Mubarak on Twitter, I had no clue what to do.  But somehow, shit got done anyway. Read the first post and the main story here. Here’s what’s happened since: During

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