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Ask Mommy: How Do I Cope With Death?

Richard Dawkins: We are going to die

I’ve been on vacation, which you probably know already if you follow my Instagram. I sat down at my computer this morning after a couple of weeks off, traveling around British Columbia, etc. and I found a couple of emails asking me for advice on coping with death. Each of these people had just been

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How Do You Talk To An Atheist?

What Dennis hopes for.

It wouldn’t be a day in my life if I was not exposed to some lobotomy patient’s weak-ass straw man about what atheists are all about. It’s the same old shit, day in and day out and, honestly, it gets older than Keith Richards cryogenically frozen long enough to listen to his own music on

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8 Ways To Leave This World As An Atheist

Richard Dawkins: We are going to die

With the passing of David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister and my very good friend’s loss of his mother all happening recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about death. Not in the sombre, woe-is-me sense, but just in a sort of curious way. I’ve thought back to all the bleak funerals I’ve been to, and realized they

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New Video: Are Atheists Afraid of Death?

Fear of death

I got asked this question the other day, so here’s my best answer. What is your take? Do you think there is a specifically “atheist” way of looking at death? Are you afraid of death or dying? Let me know in the comments.

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Live To 97

Grandma T

7pm on a Thursday evening. We’re in the little fishing village of Steveston, on Lulu Island in the mouth of the Fraser River, spitting distance from the city lights of Vancouver. It’s pouring rain and windy outside as it is most nights on the South West coast of Canada. On the TV, Pat Sajak’s eyes

Why Religion Needs To Be Destroyed

Stephane "Charb" Charbonnier

If you’re a believer, I bet you clicked on this link because it stirred up some anger in you. I bet you’ve already made up your mind that what I have to say in this blog post is disagreeable to you. Without having read a word, I’d put money on the fact that you’ve decided┬áthat

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Oh, Captain… Goodbye Mr. Williams

RIP Robin Williams

You wanna know what? It’s okay to grieve over a celebrity. It is perfectly acceptable. It doesn’t make you simple or silly or sappy. It makes you a human being. When a recognizable face passes, choruses of heartless loners pipe up and ask why we mourn these celebrity deaths and not the thousands of people

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Atheist Life Hacks: How To Say Goodbye


I swear that I had a week’s worth of funny, goofy posts for you this week, but then rapegate 2014 happened and then this morning I awoke to some awful news that an old friend had been killed in a freak accident. While I had never been particularly close with her, many of my friends