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Every Atheist Needs: The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position - Christopher Hitchens

I know what you filthy heathens thought I meant, but if you’d get your sinful minds out of the gutter for two seconds, I’d like to talk about the book from the very missed, Mr. Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa. As you all know, Hitch had some very, very strong feelings towards the little sister

Why The Canonization of Mother Teresa Will Only Highlight Corruption In The Catholic Church

Christopher Hitchens

The Pope is reportedly going to be giving the okay to¬†give sainthood to Mother Teresa. St. Teresa… why not? She helped the poor and the sick, did she not? She devoted her life to the less privileged in India, no? She lived amongst the ailing and gave comfort to those in their last hours… right? […]

Every Atheist Needs: Hitch in Washington

Hitch in Washington

Recently, on a Friday night, I tweeted asking you guys for documentary suggestions. I always get so many great ideas, but one in particular stood out that night. It was an interview with Christopher Hitchens I had never seen nor heard of. I was pretty floored I’d missed it up until then. It’s called Hitch

Guest Post: Morality!

Hitch: Religion Poisons Everything

This is a guest post from a very good friend, Deana. When she’s not galavanting around the globe, digging up history, she writes at the Secular Scarlet blog. You can follow her on Twitter: @Naradee12 This week I found myself¬† re-reading or should I say listening to the late great Christopher Hitchens, narrating his own

Every Atheist Needs: Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens

Yes, I know this is obvious. I know just about every atheist has already stayed up until 4 am on numerous occasions, getting all click happy on YouTube with Hitch debates, talks and interviews. I know most of us have read his books and I know we all already adore him, miss him and praise

Hitch Talks Don’t Often Make Me Cry… But This One…

Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens says goodbye, and Professor Richard Dawkins embraces him for the last time in eternity. If this doesn’t make you cry, you’re a cold, cold son-of-a-gun.

Guest Post: Thanks, Hitch

Hitch - Evidence

This is a guest post from Karen of the blog, My Own Mind. You can hang out with Karen in her Facebook group, Homeschool Atheist Momma. If you would like to be a guest blogger on Godlessmom.com, please click here. For my kids, being an atheist doesn’t mean much more than hearing mythologies from around