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Video: If All Religious Leaders Were Like This, We Wouldn’t Need To Be Outspoken Atheists

Religious leaders smoke weed

I caught this video on Reddit this morning and I was so impressed with the Rabbi and the priest. First, they were willing to smoke weed. Second, they were sitting next to an openly gay atheist and treated him and his lack of belief with absolute respect. If all religious leaders were this open, compassionate, […]

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This Theist Thinks He’s Found The Way To Help Atheists See The Light

Do you see the light?

Lawrence Meyers over at Faithzette, thinks he’s found the only open door through which atheists can find a faith in god. Hilariously, he actually asserts that the reason we have trouble believing in a god, is because we have a misconception of what god is… and he’s not being satirical. He’s dead serious: Many atheists have simply

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This Jesus Lover Is The Perfect Example Of How Religion Eliminates Critical Thought

Electric Chair

Unless you’ve been reading my blog with your eyes closed, you know I am dead set against the death penalty. So much so, that I consider myself an anti-death penalty activist. Hopefully you’ve read my in-depth series on the death penalty here, but if you haven’t, here’s the long and short of my position delivered

Jeebot Explains God’s Affinity For Hide & Seek, Fails Miserably

Joel Osteen Cash Money

My old boss hated meetings. I mean, I understand, I hate meetings, too. But, he loathed them to the point that we were forbidden to have them even when we desperately needed them. I was the marketing director and this was a multi-department grocery store with many department managers. I was expected to design a flyer

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7 Ways Christianity Teaches Arrogance

It's all for us!

It never changes. Every time I login to Twitter, it’s just a barrage of stupid. “It takes more faith to be an atheist!” “Why are atheists angry at god?” “Don’t insult my beliefs!” It’s just constant stream, reminiscent of the green sludge coming out of your dog after he got half a spinach lasagna when

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How Do You Talk To An Atheist?

What Dennis hopes for.

It wouldn’t be a day in my life if I was not exposed to some lobotomy patient’s weak-ass straw man about what atheists are all about. It’s the same old shit, day in and day out and, honestly, it gets older than Keith Richards cryogenically frozen long enough to listen to his own music on

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Things The Godly Say: You Only Attack My Religion!

Why Christians?

Sometimes it happens all in the same day. I’ll get a message on Facebook from one person accusing me of only attacking Islam. Later, a tweet from a believer, “How come you focus entirely on Christianity?”. Sometimes I get the urge to pop some corn and sit back wait for the message from a Moonie,

On Using Devastating Crises Like The Fort Mac Fire To Push Your Agenda

Fort McMurray Fire

Over a year ago, I posted a story about a conversation I had with an elderly woman in the hot tub at our local aquatic center. You can read that here. I’ll give you the gist. The woman had confided in me that her grandson had just suffered an aneurysm. She was distraught over it, and

Dear Christian: I Had To Respond To This Condescending Letter To An Atheist


Dear Christian, I read your letter to your atheist “friend”, which you posted on your blog recently and while I am sure you’re expecting all of us heathens to just melt at your kindness, we’re not as think as you dumb we are. The condescension seeped off the page like brown biosludge from a walker who just

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7 Misconceptions About Christian Missionaries

Christian Missionaries

A lot of people mistakenly conflate the phrase, “missionary work” with “charity work”. Apologists like to point to religious missionaries and congratulate them on all the wonderful work they’re doing, while missionaries themselves walk around with an inflated ego thinking they’re doing the most selfless, kind work possible. None of this is true. While many

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