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11 Books To Send With Your Kid On ‘Bring Your Bible To School Day’

God's power

You know I have a problem clicking through on links to apologist propaganda. You also know I especially have this problem when the headline is too much to wrap my mind around. Well, I did it again, heathens. I recently I saw a headline about “Bring Your Bible to School Day” and right after I kissed

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Every Atheist Needs: How To Raise Your Children Biologically

Parenting is one of the hardest endeavors… it’s so rewarding, and worth every moment, but it’s hard and full of second-guessing. Nothing has the power to make you doubt yourself quite like loving a tiny human. Books about parenting, I have found, have always been somewhat unrealistic, dull or religious. This one, however, was a

Every Atheist Needs: There’s a Hula Girl On My Dashboard

There's a Hula Girl On My Dashboard

I’ve never known belief. I don’t know what losing my religion feels like. I don’t know the feeling of my world crumbling around me, or feeling as though I was born broken and must spend my life making up for it. I don’t know the fear of Hell or of disappointing a higher power. I

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: National Geographic Super Readers

National Geographic Super Readers

One of the most important things for me as a Mom, is passing on a love of books to my kids. Books are not just fun and entertaining, they also keep your mind sharp and create thinkers. A love of books can translate into a love of learning, open-mindedness, curiosity and wonder. I think it’s one of

Every Atheist Needs: A Manual For Creating Atheists

Peter Boghossian

During the #FreeMubarak campaign, I was lucky enough to touch base with Peter Boghossian for a book donation to the cause. He sent out a signed copy of his book, A Manual For Creating Atheists. I hadn’t read it yet, as I’d only been reading specifically atheist material for less than 6 months at that

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: Sketti Tales #SkettiTales

Sketti Tales

You’ve all probably heard of Veggie Tales, the cartoon that brainwashes children with all the cherry-picked lessons of the Bible. I’ve had to skip over it a few times in the Netflix recommendations in hopes that one day it will just disappear from the otherwise pretty great list of titles for kids. One day… One

Every Atheist Needs: Franny and Zooey

Franny and Zooey

When you think of J.D. Salinger, you’re most likely thinking of The Catcher In The Rye, with old Holden Caulfield and his colourful resentment of pretty much everything. Holden is a near-perfect character, indeed, and one that has a heavy and enduring importance in literary history. But the book was by no means Salinger’s best.

Every Atheist Needs: The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence

Ok, so this is more of a “Everybody needs” than it is a “Every Atheist Needs”, because it really has nothing to do with atheism. Perhaps, there’s a slight relationship to skepticism, but this book is a must-read for anyone who loves a good true crime story, atheists, theists, the gullible and skeptics alike. The

50 Shades of Shut The Hell Up

Some books are simply not worth my time. Mostly, those books end up on the bestsellers list. You won’t catch me reading Danielle Steel. Not a huge fan of John Grisham or Stephen King, although I have enjoyed a few of their novels. Dan Brown lost my interest after it became apparent that he wrote

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Skeptics, We’ve Been Challenged To Read The Bible

The Illuminatus Trilogy

I love to read classic literature. I don’t always like the stories, some are rather drab and remind me that the “classics” are really just yesterday’s best sellers. A quick glance at today’s bestsellers list will prove that depth, talent and plot aren’t always key factors in making it to the top of the charts.

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