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Bill Nye Is Back On TV & Here’s His Promo

Bill Nye Saves The World

I thought this day would never come! Bill Nye is back on television and this time he’s going to save the world! With tons of guest stars, loads of science and what looks to be a whole lot of debunking, Nye is going to make Netflix great again. Well, more great. Bigly great! check out […]

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Video: Bill Nye Explains How To Escape Religion

Bill Nye - Escape Religion

I’m really loving this series by The Big Think, #TuesdaysWithBill, in which our favourite Science Guy, Bill Nye, answers viewer questions. Here, he answers the question, “How do I escape religion?”. It’s not the topic we love Bill for, but it’s certainly a topic he answers with grace and clarity: How would you answer this […]

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