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10 Questions For Ken Ham

Ken Ham Ark Questions

Edit: I realize they were on the boat for a year. My bad. My biblically illiterate bad. Alright, Hammy. I’ve sat by listening to your horseshit long enough. You and I have a long overdue appointment with reason and it starts now. I have a few questions about your little dingy down there in Kentucky and

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Things The Godly Say: Maybe If You Read The Bible…

Christopher Hitchens

I think it might have been the second time I was tripping on Psilocybin mushrooms. I was about fifteen, been an atheist all my life, sitting in my Protestant best friend’s room. We had never spoken about religion before, and I barely understood it. I just knew some people believed in God, and there was some Jesus

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Jesus Has A Boyfriend!

Preston's Sprinkles

I think the last person on Earth any of us would have expected to find coveting thy neighbour’s backdoor is Jesus. I mean, his followers spew hatred for the gays on the daily. They vote against same-sex marriage, they protest with hatey signs at Pride, they refuse to provide the floral arrangements for gay weddings

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Guest Post: The Ridiculous Truth About God And Graven Images

Da Vinci - Last Supper

This is a guest post from Andy, better known as @virtualatheist on Twitter. Be sure to follow him, as he often posts informative and well-written pieces on his own blog, virtualatheist.com. I’m sure that many of you know about the Council of Nicea that took place in AD 325, where the leaders of the early

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