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The Infidel Interviews: The Value of Storytelling

Gene Roddenberry

I asked on my Vine account recently, and I got a lot of really great answers: @godless_mom I'd say getting religious mind individuals to respect the secular origins of this nation. They have hijacked many issues. — Yusuke Urameshi (@Yusuke_420) April 29, 2015 @godless_mom Not the deeply religious folks, but the moderates/apologists. That's a huge

Guest Post: She Endured A Brutally Violent Crime, Send Her A Message Of Hope #Hope4Cytherea


This is a guest post from @GGmad_cat, writer, author, activist and all around awesome guy.  On January 19th, 2015, adult film star Cytherea and her family were victims of a home invasion by five armed men. In the process of holding everyone at gunpoint and stealing valuable items, Cytherea herself was raped four times. Since the occurrence