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Godless MomHappy hump day, Heathens! I thought I’d give you a quick update so you know what’s going on at

As you know, a few months a go, things were pretty dire with our child support/custody case regarding my stepdaughter (click here for info) While it’s still completely financially draining and we still don’t have any final answers, my stepdaughter has been living with us for the last 5 months. Things are definitely looking up for us and for my sweet, beautiful girl. From where we were, we’ve almost completely done a 180 and, though I have had to take on more paid work, and spend less time here as GM, things are way better. This is absolutely because of you. The help you gave me when I needed it was the difference… 100%. Without you, I really don’t know where we’d be right now. Know that you’ve made a massive difference in a girl’s life. Pat yourselves on the back, look yourself in the mirror and say, “That fucker right there is awesome.”

I have not been meming as much lately, nor have I been posting 7 days a week like I used to, I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’ve had to make time for my paid work, but it doesn’t mean I love you any less, or that I don’t want to be here 7 days a week. I just can’t do it right now, is all. I’d rather be here full time, if I had the choice. Pretty sure you jerks know that, though.

You also know that I’ve started a podcast with my pal, MrOzAtheist. My time is so severely limited right now because of all the extra paid work I’ve taken on, so it’s only coming out once per month (new episode tomorrow) but hopefully it will grow and we can do it more. If you’re not subbed to Common Heathens, click here to do so!

I am also hoping to start doing videos again once my son is back at school. I really loved doing them before but I just couldn’t justify the time. I am hoping I can starting in late September. If there’s anything you want to see me talk about in videos, please email me and let me know:

I can’t express how much I appreciate your continued support of what I do here as Godless Mom. It means the world to me. For those who’ve asked, the best ways to add your own support to what I do here are via the following options:

Just remember that I adore you all no matter what and that I am committed to creating as much content for you as my time will allow. You know I can’t help it, anyway.

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