Why Religion Needs To Be Destroyed

faithIf you’re a believer, I bet you clicked on this link because it stirred up some anger in you. I bet you’ve already made up your mind that what I have to say in this blog post is disagreeable to you. Without having read a word, I’d put money on the fact that you’ve decided that by the title alone, I must be a hateful, bigoted buzzkill and you just came here to leave an angry comment.

I am asking that you put your preconceived ideas about me and my blog and this post aside and open your mind before you read the rest of this. Please. Some of you desperately need to hear this.

I flat out admit that I harbour small amounts of fear of even the most lax, liberal, progressive theists. I am also afraid of spiders. That fear is irrational. Fear of religion is not. In fact, aside from my fear of losing people I love, I would say that my fear of religion is the most rational fear I have.

I am not trying to insult believers. I am not saying every believer will do something in his or her lifetime that is frightening. I am merely stating a fact. I know plenty of atheists who have deconverted from many religions who I do not fear, now that they do not believe anymore. It is the belief that causes me to be afraid. Let me explain why.

It’s not that I think you’re a bad person. It’s not that I think you’re stupid. It is not that I don’t think you should have rights, and freedoms and liberties. In fact, it is precisely because I would fight to the death to protect your rights, that your belief scares me.

The thing that is so terrifying about faith and belief to an atheist, is the fact that it’s a clear indicator that you have no standard of evidence for the things you will believe. To someone who is not inside of your head, this forces us to wonder what else you could be led to believe.

When you talk to us about virgin births and walking on water, turning water to wine and rising from the dead, as though these things are historical fact, we are forced to be afraid of the other ideas you might accept without evidence.

It is fact that good people are led to believe awful things all the time. It is fact that grown adults, with intelligence and compassion, are duped into joining cults all the time. It is fact that moderate believers can and have been led further into their faith to the point that they have been compelled to commit awful acts of violence.

The fact is, without evidence, you believe the impossible stories of the Bible or the Quran or the Torah. The fact is, you have zero standard of evidence for what you will accept as fact. We have absolutely no choice but to wonder and be extremely concerned about where you might draw the line. At which point does human life, liberty and rights become more important than your faith? At which point do the stories become too much, and too insane to believe? Where are your boundaries, where is your stopping point, and would you go all the way like the Muslim extremists did in Paris this morning, given a good enough story about God wanting you to?

How far would you go to please your God? If you wouldn’t go as far as the extremists, where, exactly is the line you will not cross, and why?

In the heat of debate, I’ve heard and read many believers admit they would kill their child if their God demanded. Do you fall into this category? Why or why not?

I sincerely believe there is good in everyone. Some might call me naive or silly for believing that, but I think every last person on this planet is capable of living a good, compassionate life without harming other people on purpose. I think the men involved in the attack on Paris this morning could have grown to be caring, compassionate human beings had they not been indoctrinated with furious hatred for anyone who said anything sideways about their prophet. I believe everyone has rights, even people who commit heinous acts like murder and rape and genocide. A human is a human is a human and without these awful, absurd and unbelievable ideas driving some of us to hurt each other, we wouldn’t have to wake up to news that a man who tried to make people laugh for a living has been killed in the name of a god for which there is no evidence.

I beg of you, believers, to consider thinking long and hard about what your standard of evidence is. What evidence should there be before you accept something is true? Because if you continually accept things on faith, there really is no line, no matter what you say. You could be led to believe anything, and just like the good people who ended up dead at Jonestown or the normal, average, decent German soldier in World War 2 who only wanted to protect his country and was led to believe he had to hurt innocent civilians to do so, you could be led to do something awful. These people were not idiots. They were not compassionless. They were not awful human beings. They were good people who were led to do awful things because they had no standard of evidence for the things they would believe.

Religion must end because it perpetuates living without critical thought. It weakens the line that good, decent human beings will not cross. It creates fuzzy boundaries and mass gullibility. It says, “here is something nonsensical you must accept on faith” and it makes people outside of your head wonder, if you’ll accept this nonsensical idea on faith, what other insane ideas can you be convinced of?

It puts yourself in danger. It puts me in danger. It puts the world in danger.

I say this to you, believers, because I care about people deeply. I am and always will be a human rights advocate and I would fight for the rights of every last one of you, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, or Satanist. I say this to you, because I give a shit about you. For the same reason I tell my son to be skeptical of strangers trying to give him candy on the street, I want you to be skeptical of these dangerous ideas you so freely believe without evidence. It’s the only way to truly protect yourself.

Our world needs to start healing. I don’t want to wake up to news like the events in Paris this morning again. The only way to fight this extremism, is for all people to have a standard of evidence for what they will accept as fact. The only way to move forward and put an end to these heinous acts of extremism, is to destroy religion, destroy faith and celebrate reason, logic and evidence.

RIP Charb

RIP Charb

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  • Deana Naraparaju

    Well said lady …..

    Je Suis Charlie

  • OpinionsProfile

    Where’d you find the quote?

  • C’est Moi

    GD F’ing brilliant “The thing that is so terrifying about faith and belief to an atheist, is that fact that it’s a clear indicator that you have no standard of evidence for the things you will believe.” I may have to double my Patreon(age)

    • Marc St-Arnaud

      You should. I just did

      • Thank you! I love you guys so much…. you’re going to give me a fat head.

    • thank you! Your support means so much to me, you really have no idea…

  • Marc St-Arnaud

    Godless Mom should be invited on a news show instead of the depressing analysts who regurgitate the same narrow thinking ideas that bring nothing constructive and no real solution.

    • I think i’d be pretty hard to shut up on a news show. It’d probably be pretty amusing.

      • Rob McClain

        It would be a pleasure to watch Bill O’Reilly try to bully someone like you. Someone needs to stand up to that uncivil Catholic prick.

      • holyreality

        Bill Maher should be proud to have you.


    Mom, you’ve outdone yourself. This is an exceptional post. Well done.

  • Robin518

    I’ve enjoyed & thought about your articles for about a year now. Your views here, after yesterday, is so well thought out, written & understandable, I must give you props. And share it.

  • Grant Bagwell

    This was one of the clearest, fairest and most succinct articles I have read on the dangers of religion in society. I guess some people could argue it is hard to gain evidence in terms of morals and ethics, and the universe is apathetic. However I personally hate this “hijacking” of morals by religion. There are many great philosophical systems that one can use based upon logic, that lead to the advancement of society and the increase of liberty. I tend to be drawn to Kant’s Categorical Imperative “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law.”. It is morally “wrong” to commit an action of removing another persons liberty as doing so denies the universal concept of liberty itself.

    Keep up the great work. The world needs more clear thinkers like yourself, especially during these terrible events.

    • Thank you! Your encouragement means the world to me!

  • Speedster

    Nothing annoys me more than writing a comment which is lost when the network decides I need to login and dumps all I have written when I agree to do that.

    I agreed with your sentiment but doubt you will open minds of those who do not want to know any truth:

    You can only quit smoking when you want to, no matter how deeply you are aware of the dangers and the stupidity of smoking, you are hooked until you admit the problem: thus too religion.

    Have a nice day, nice person, tweet me often if you remember (you have 200 x the followers I have)


  • kenthomes

    Thank you for a great article expressing how we people without God feel about the horror show called religion. I am an ex-Mormon whose family has been torn apart and divided between the true believers and those of us who use reason. As a gay person I have unfortunately had a front row seat to the hatred and irrationality of religion.

    • robken

      Well said husband….

  • Adam

    Very interesting topic. I agree with you on the principle that we should “always” seek evidence before we accept anything. Therefore, I wonder if there were some evidence that you could offer to support the claim that all believers have no evidence for what they believe. I feel that there is some contradiction because on the one hand you are advocating rationality and evidence-seeking, but simultaneously suggesting that people must take life for granted without reflecting upon their existence and destiny.

    If God doesn’t really exist, then who created the beautiful Nature? If miracles narrated in religion books didn’t take place, then what about the beautiful universe we live in? What about the natural phenomena? What about the gorgeous girls and handsome boys? What about the dark-sugar cheeks and stunning eyes? What about the fascinating brains of genius people such as Einstein’s? Aren’t they all made of soil and water? Is there not a scientific evidence for this? Did you vist Mars, Jupiter and Mercury and concluded that there should be not a God?!

    Here is the root of the problem. The view that people must only believe what they see by naked eye. This superficiality is what makes people easily lured and misled by politicians. This what makes you perceive the world in a reverse and paradoxical order. It makes you consider the most sinister ideologies as movements of freedom and advancement and the most peaceful and logical disciplines as hostile and threatening. Why don’t you just be smart enough to link reality to facts. Just give it a thought why this particularly happened after France voted for Palestine against Israel!

    I am a muslim but I believe that before Islam HUMANITY is my original religion. I have many atheist and agnostic friends and I love them and feel very proud of them more than many of my religious acquaints. I can’t hate any human beings regardless of what their backgrounds and beliefs. Lenience, peace and tolerance. “If you can’t love people of different beliefs, you should love them for they are humans like you”. This is what I learnt from my religion.

    Change always comes from within. Instead of destroying religion, we need to fight our own ignorance and shallowness. We need to develop an understanding of our existence; our role in life and our responsibility towards other huamn and living beings. Once we realise our darks and lights we will definitly live a beautiful life.

    Best regards,

    Ahmed A

    • Telanis

      >If God doesn’t really exist, then who created the beautiful Nature?

      You’re presupposing that it needed to be created.

      >Have you ever visited Mars, Jupiter and Mercury and concluded that there should be not a God?!

      The author didn’t say “there is no God”. She said that there is no evidence for God. If you want to prove God, YOU need to visit his planet and find him (or whatever the fuck it is you think you’d be doing on Jupiter). You don’t need a shred of evidence to simply not believe in God. Not believing is the default, the baseline, because it’s literally not doing anything. Rocks don’t believe in God. Would you say that rocks are making an incorrect logical assumptions?

      Furthermore, it’s impossible to prove a universal negative (such as “there is no God”), which is why that was never claimed — it was only claimed that believers have no objective evidence. And they don’t — there are no recordings of God speaking to people, no unexplainable miracles, no proof of God-driven creation, no photos of angels or demons, no physics-defying wonders. They don’t exist other than in people’s heads and in the fantasy novels created by various crazy people in the past.

      • Adam

        Lets us build on your analogy between human and rocks. You think that rocks do not believe in God. Let us suppose this is true. Man makes cars. Cars do not have the ability to believe or not in man. Does that mean man is not their creator. Does that mean man does not exist. Just because YOU do not believe, or have not yet obtained an evidence that does not mean you have come into existence just by chance.

        • Elliott

          I was raised by an agnostic family who when it came to religion told me it was up to me to choose what to believe in, so as a child I was always confused by the strong correlation of religion and geography. I felt therefore that religion has a strong relationship with your upbringing and as a child believing what your parents tell you, as they are more wise and educated, and so choice of religion isn’t always down to the individual, as if it were surely there would be very little correlation between religion and geography.

          Therefore when growing up I primarily put my trust in science as it was the only explanation I could find which I could understand and follow, but to finalise I do not believe beliefs in theism or atheism should be imposed as belief is a personal choice and so should be left to an individual to weigh up evidence and choose for themselves.

          • Adam

            Absolutely it is a personal choice.

    • Frankthecomplainer

      Let me show the the problem with your logic. I think the problem is that you don’t actually understand what the word ‘evidence’ means in a scientific usage. Evidence is something that points to a definitive conclusion. Lack of evidence does not lead to a definitive conclusion but rather it’s a sign to withhold making a conclusion until evidence if found.

      You asked if anyone has evidence that all believers believe without evidence. Here is my experience. I have talked with literally thousands of theist be they Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhist, etc., and not a single one has ever presented evidence for their god. So, using what I said above I cannot definitively say that no theist has evidence for their claim, I can only say that I have to withhold judgment and continue to ask until someone indeed presents evidence. On a personal level, I find it very odd that no one seems to be able to present this evidence.

      Now you gave several statements that you probably think are evidence for a gods existence generally in the form of “who do you think did this if not a god”. This is not evidence, it’s actually a statement that you do not have evidence. The reason it’s not evidence is because it does not point to a definitive conclusion. Simply substitute “God” in your statement above with any number of things you want be they little green martians, pink pixies, leprechauns, or whatever, and suddenly you have evidence for those things existing. “If Pink Pixies don’t really exist, then who created the beautiful Nature?” See how that works. It’s the Pink Pixies who have always existed (alpha and omega) that did it of course.

      This is why these kinds of statements are not evidence. If you have to make these kinds of statements to try to show the existence of your god, then you have no real evidence to present.
      And since there is no evidence to present, the only logical conclusion is to disbelieve until evidence presents itself that would lead to a positive conclusion of existence.

      Indeed, the whole concept of ‘belief’ is a statement that no evidence exist. I do not need to ‘believe’ in my heart that air exist even though I cannot see it or touch it. I can present evidence that air exist so there is no reason to have a ‘belief’ in it.


      The only way that people will actually get along in this world is by loosing these religious beliefs and becoming part of the human family. Religion = separation. They are that by nature.

      • Martin Mayberry

        then you can not make a decision on if God exist or no based on what you said!

  • VanityBackfires

    Yo godless mom – you’re right, I clicked on the article because the title offended me.

    Just to be clear, you’re basically repeating what Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens etc are spewing, namely that naturalism/materialism are the only valid ways to find truth – right?

    May I suggest that you should learn more about philosophy?

    • homasapiens

      wrong, actually.

  • scientifichunter

    i wrote this to a theist yesterday. she was spouting off about my “logical fallacy”

    she wrote this.


    Yesterday 5:39 PM



    Baseless insults are the tool of a weak mind.

    A logical fallacy is an argument that is made in contravention to (this means opposite), or with erroneous logic.

    If your logic is wrong: then you have no logical arguments.

    This is called special pleading.

    If you make an illogical argument, it does not mean your argument is logical simply because “illogical” is based off the root word “logic”. Utter stupidity.

    As for your multiple shotgun arguments from ignorance/incredulity.

    1: You’ve never read the Bible. You’ve made so many errors and misrepresentations, this is in absolutely no doubt.
    2: Using KJV translation errors as evidence is fallaciously unintelligent
    3: Logically, if God exists (which He does), He can literally make anything happen. Your disbelief in Him makes Him no less powerful any more than a person disbelieving metal boats can float makes them sink.
    4: The scientismist tenant of evolution theory believes in a common ancestor of all species right? How is this any different than Adam? Pot, meet Kettle.
    5: Quantum Mechanics (an actual science I am quite familiar with) actually suggests our Universe is itself composed of 11 or more different dimensions. There are scores of theories which suggest our Universe exists within another dimension (one is known interestingly as the swiss cheese theory of all things). According to your god (science), multiple dimensions are real. Make up your mind.

    I replied with this.

    jose quervo

    Yesterday 7:01 PM



    +herichimoify theists that feel threatened by logic. can’t handle anyone criticizing their beliefs. and are insulted and cry allot. WHAAA! should i get you a tissue now?

    “logical fallacy” logic does not constitute a fallacy which means “falsehood”. logic is truth.
    or as close to it as we can get with the available data.

    logic is not erroneous. because erroneous also means not true.or wild claims.

    the illogical argument is yours.
    delusions of grandeur
    that and all powerful, invisible, omnipotent omniscient, omnipresent being, outside of normal space and time exists.
    without proof or evidence of such being.

    KJV translation errors. i never gave exact quotes. but the story lines are correct you want them to be more than what they actually say in a literal form. “ad lib”. cherry picking the bible for your own purposes. only choosing what YOU want to hear and believe.

    and yes i have read the bible.
    i spent 30 years reading that lying garbage that’s how most atheists become atheist. reading it cover to cover like the BOOK it actually is. from page 1 all the way through to the last page in revelations. front to back cover to cover, it will take you intense reading for about 2 years to go through it like that.

    we find it to be a very contradictory book with allot of very bad horrible evil things in it. imposed on human kind in terrible evil ways.

    no the science of evolution does not have the common ancestor of ALL species. we share many common genomes with many species. but they are not all exact like you want to think. the genetic codes of apes and chimps are the closest to humans.
    if god created everything, everything would have the same genetic code. plants animals dirt. but we don’t. the most common thing we have with the earth. is the ocean. which is where evolutionary theory is based. the earth is 75% ocean water. the human body is also 75% salt water. (tears/salt)
    to prove this theory. we have to look out away from the earth. to the stars. where we use Einsteins theory of relativity to determine the sped of light. the light from our sun takes 8 minutes to reach earth. we can measure this. that’s how we know it takes 8 minutes.
    no go out 40,000 light years to another star in our one of who knows how many galaxies. and calculate the time it takes that stars light to reach earth. then you can calculate how much TIME has passed for it to get here. thus making the earth 4.5 billion years old. NOT the religious 6000 year time frame.

    quantum mechanics,
    the large hadron collider on the borders of France and Switzerland. does quantum mechanics. smashing atomic particles, to create new and exotic sub atomic particles.
    . these particles cannot be sustained for more than micro fractions of time. because they are matter. they are anti matter. meaning they cannot be sustained in our space time.

    the 11 other dimensions your speak of are theories. do you know what a theory is?
    it’s a guess. until it is proven to be fact. then it is no longer a theory it then becomes a reality and a fact.

    god is not in THIS space time.or in this dimension. therefore he is a theory until he is brought into this space time and proven to be a fact.

    last but not least.
    contravention. violating a law.
    the existence of an omnipotent, omnipresent all powerful god.
    violates all laws of physics as we know them.
    impossible improbability.

    Heisenberg, you cannot predict that which is inherently unpredictable.

    a god with an unpredictable/unknowable plan that no one knows about, cannot be predicted. therefore no god.
    the existence of a heaven or hell is inherently a place imagined by the human mind. these places existing outside of our dimension and space time is improbable. giving the knowledge we have.
    especially when the bible contradicts itself on these places and teachings so many times. it’s just not realistic.

    for instance. contradictions.
    everyone is loved by god.
    we are ALL his children.
    but only the people he chooses go to heaven.

    don’t do sin. or you’ll go to hell.
    but you will be forgiven and go to heaven.

    sin is bad, don’t do it.
    everyone sins, it’s human nature.
    all will be forgiven by god on judgement day.
    the whole book is full of these contradictory stories.
    genesis is mathematically impossible with what we have in actual physical evidence.

    the entire human race was created by one white man and a RIB. get realistic.
    it’s all delusions of grandeur. fantasy and FALLACY. 

    Show less

    • Robin518

      Damn! That’s an excellent rebuttal. Wish I was as wise & logical to reply like that.

    • holyreality

      “we find it to be a very contradictory book with allot of very bad horrible evil things in it. imposed on human kind in terrible evil ways.”
      This alleged god of the bible is a capricious, insecure, jealous deity hardly worthy of worship.
      Faithful friends tell me to invite the Holy Spirit into my heart to truly feel the truth in faith, to which I declare, HOLY SPIRIT GET THEE BEHIND ME!
      The Holy Spirit is the abandoning of all you know, it is refusing science and reason accepting instead the wonders of an invisible man who loves us but will punish us anyway for disobeying this bible.

      GM, thanks for your wonderful, heartfelt summary of why religion leads to delusional affliction upon the human race.

    • TheBob

      How about this theory. Evolution is partially correct in that God created the Earth, then oceans the mountains plants and animals that evolved over time. God then Created in intelligent design, Man, in his image. We, Humans, Do not have a common link on this planet as we are not Grown from this planet we were created from it. And it is impossible as the DNA for humans is way more complex than any other “animal” on the planet. If you look at the 2 Human Chromosome of the 23 pairs VS the 24 pairs and chromosome 2 & 3 in apes and monkeys our 2nd chromosome matches perfectly with 2nd & 3rd chromosomes. These were combined at some point and most science supports this theory of intelligent, genetics, design for the Modern Humans. There is even a new Science backed theory that our DNA is so complex that it couldn’t possibly have come from the same planet as earth. Even in the theory of evolution, which is just a smart guess, that we have 1 common female we all came from….Eve maybe hmmm…I ask you this, is an absolute truth a possibility? If so how do you know this to be true? Is anything possible? We have (and science backs this more and more.) a huge chunk or our history is missing. We have discovered modern human graves, massive cities and engineering we cannot even create today that predates the Science evolution theory of modern man. These finding predate any of the “Modern Science” theories and blows them out of the water. They say we started to group and create civilizations 15,000 years ago, but the science, proves we were more advance then even we are today with civilizations dating back 100,000 to 150,000 years ago, which we shouldn’t have even been around yet or had language and writing skills, yet how did they create massive structures that have lasted through history and disasters of our planet?

      • Chris Sievert

        Bob a simple FISH like the Carp has 104 Chromosomes. The most Genetically complex mammal, which humans are, is actually the red vizcacha rat with 102 Chromosomes.
        I don’t know where you got your information from but it wasn’t a Science Book.

    • TheBob

      Explain to me how your god, Science, can disprove that God doesn’t exist? Even in evolution science says we had 1 common ancestor, which proves to me that science proves the story of the bible that we were created from Adam and Eve….By Science we had 1 common female ancestor and spread out from Africa ages ago….There is also a new theory about the evolution of the Dog and how it evolved to be with us instead of man taking wolf puppies and taming them, even today no body can take a wolf puppy and make them tame.

    • Daniel Nshk Himmelmoe

      Did you have this encounter with herichimoify on youtube? I’m just wondering if this is the same herichimoify as I’m discussing with now.

      I’ve seldom met someone who’s been more determined to provoke me than herichimoify. he or she made a claim that they could invalidate Aaron Ra’s argument in less than 6 seconds, and when I asked which argument they referred to and how they invalidated it they simply refuse to answer, or claim to have already answered and I’m just too stupid to understand the response, always with a string of insults and belittling language :p

      Would be funny if this is the same person.

      • Robin518

        That was a long time ago, who remembers. I don’t “do” Youtube for discussions. All theists use the same circular logic, which isn’t logical at all.

        • Daniel Nshk Himmelmoe

          I’m pretty sure it was the same person. I had to end the interaction, it was so boring repeating myself. Circular logic indeed.

  • Robert Graybill

    I think its kind of ironic that you included Jonestown in this article seeing that it was orchestrated by a self proclaimed atheist. Now im not one for stereotypes but i thought i would throw that in there because that is largely the manner in which this article is written. I am as well for critical thinking but I also concede that rational thinking is relative so what I find rational or irrational may not be either to someone else. I think the issue is more of people thinking that their ideas (religion or lack thereof, etc.) are superior to others.

    • homasapiens

      Jonestown is a perfect example. It doesn’t matter what the perpetrator believed; his followers believed him.

      • Robert Graybill

        Yes but what this article is proposing is atheism and that shows you that atheism doesn’t always breed rational or ethical thinking. That is even besides the point I was trying to make, the point is that religious beliefs or not, do not suggest rationality.

        • homasapiens

          I can about guarantee that many people did NOT follow Bob Jones into that jungle because their impulse towards rational thinking overruled the irrational belief he was trying to foster on them.

          • Robert Graybill

            That is not at all what I implied. Bob Jones?

          • homasapiens

            Jim Jones, sorry.

  • Osunga Okello

    Godless Mom, Nice run up. A good and honest attempt. I challenge with this. I was born WITHOUT religion, and indeed even without the concept of it. My vantage should be as pure as yours. When I was eventually exposed to religion, I was somewhat surprised and delighted by the many mystic concepts. But, is it helpful , in any way, as “Human Rights Activist”, to declare that Bible or the Quran or the Torah are composed of 100% ‘impossible’ stories. Is that really useful? My only point being that one can be a “Warrior-of-Peace” by setting everything on fire, and starting fresh. But it’s not the only kind of warrior there is. Or the best. Every person’s “illusion” for how they want to view the world ought to be valued. Their actual equity on earth should also be valued, respected and preserved. Their health. Their liberty. And their impossible religions. Our world CAN NOT start healing when we forever come up with new ways to say that our own values are inherently “more valuable.” Nobody cares about “your” values, or “mine” , people care about their own. So being a warrior of peace has to have this at it’s center, their values and religions have to celebrated. Which means that you can’t insult people on the run-up. I’m not sure how that can end well. I’m not sure it’s possible to fight for somebody else’s “rights” while taking away from them all the things they treasure, however ridiculous you think they might be. That should have opposite effect, were I to try and predict. I also think that as opposed to being an “Atheist” you are a person who has been hurt by religion and has to retaliate, hoping to exact the most devastating blow, in the name of “Human Rights”. Part of “logic” is to appreciate that peple “think” different things, and not everybody is logical. People like Hitler would have demanded that the way to end heinous acts of extremism, is to destroy religion, destroy faith and celebrate reason, logic and evidence. And its clear how that ended.

    • TheBob

      Well said, notice how she won’t reply to people who actually make an intelligent arguement against her.

  • Thebob

    The fact is, without evidence, you believe the impossible stories of the
    Bible or the Quran or the Torah. The fact is, you have zero standard of
    evidence for what you will accept as fact.

    This statement is so broken. Do you believe that anything is possible?

  • Thebob

    So because you are an Atheist you think you are a superior person? That only your way is the right way, Hilter was an Atheist, what does that say. He slaughtered millions, but he was small time compared to Mao and Stalin both Atheists…..You entire article is broken with just those two monsters right there. People will believe whatever they want to believe and be manipulated into believing in anything. The fact is you try not to believe in greater powers than yourself, all because lousy science that are stuck in their own little world make you believe that there isn’t a God or that God couldn’t possibly exist…Which if you even remotely think that a higher power is possible YOU ARE NOT AN ATHEIST….

    • Chris Sievert

      Lenin was the Atheist who closed the Churches, Stalin reopened them. He even went to Mass and took Communion.
      But the BIGGEST problem none of them murdered in the Name of Atheism.
      Religions kill in the Name of God, because they Teach “murder is BAD” at the same time they teach “Killing in the Name of God is Joyous Great”!

      • Thebob

        Laughable….Thou shall not kill…ring a bell at all..When an Atheist does it it’s okay then…I get ya…

    • Robin518

      You said the only “true” christian cult sect is southern baptist. So, what is it? Were you lying then or now?

      • Thebob

        Um no I didn’t, I am not a baptist at all let alone southern, don’t even live in the south, how about you get your quotes straight.

  • Thebob

    Oh, and your meme about Stephane Charbonnier, doesn’t mean anything about him not believing, it is meant that he won’t go down begging for his life. Has nothing to do with this article and atheism.

  • Thebob

    “Our world needs to start healing. I don’t want to wake up to news like
    the events in Paris this morning again. The only way to fight this
    extremism, is for all people to have a standard of evidence for what
    they will accept as fact. The only way to move forward and put an end to
    these heinous acts of extremism, is to destroy religion, destroy faith
    and celebrate reason, logic and evidence.”

    Again Mao Stalin Hitler all ATHEISTS….how do you defend against their actions and their cause and their SLAUGHTER OF MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF THE PEOPLE YOU SO DEEPLY CARE ABOUT. That is exactly what they tried to do, destroy religion, destroy faith…This is just un-logical thinking by a small minded person.

    • Chris Sievert

      Hitler was Christian, he took his “Final Solution” of the Jews word for word from Martin Luther. “Gott Mit Un” God with US was on every Nazi Germans Uniform.
      You need to read History AND Hitlers Speeches because “god” is all through them.

      • Thebob

        He may have mentioned God or used his name, but Hitler wasn’t a Christian nor did he practice a Christian Religion, if anything he practiced and worshiped a Pagan Cultist made up Nazism faux religion, you may want to go read a history book. BTW Hitler didn’t kill himself and escaped to Argentina, that is the real history….

  • Thebob

    Also there is nothing wrong with Faith, don’t you have Faith that your son with grow up to be a good man and loving husband or Not so manly homosexual. Don’t you have faith that you are raising your child to grow up and not be a rapist or child molester or psychopathic serial killer? Isn’t that not faith? Cause if you don’t have that logic in thinking then there is no faith for humanity in your none-belief belief system.

    • Margaret Tombs

      That sounds more like Hope to me.

      • Thebob

        Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation of
        positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or
        the world at large.

        Faith is defined as confidence or trust in a being, object, living organism, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, as well as confidence based on some degree of warrant.

        You can hope all you want about your child growing up to be or not to be a decent person, but, it is just a state of mind as your science states…In your beliefs, there really isn’t anything you can do that will effect the out come of these events…..You can hope all you want, but still with out faith in these notions it is pointless….

        • Chris Sievert

          Faith is without foundation and as you so succinctly put it “the notion is Pointless”.

      • Thebob

        Also- Faith: confidence or trust in a person or thing….
        Hope: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

        I hope that my son will grow up to be a good man, I have faith in my parenting skills this will happen….Can’t have one with out the other…Hope is pointless unless you believe in it, which takes faith in order to believe in hope…..

        • Chris Sievert

          The Author was talking about Religious Faith as in the belief in something that can never be Proven. Use by the “Priests” to KILL those who disagree.

          • Thebob

            Evolution-ism and Atheism are both not provable just the same as my beliefs…Good try though…

    • Chris Sievert

      Belief my Children grow up happy, no “faith” involved I can SEE my Children.

      • Thebob

        You hope they do…which is blind faith regardless of how you want to look at it….SEEing lol…you live in a box might as well be blind with that way of thinking…and it would be Believe my children not belief…

  • TheBob

    @godlessmom This is by far one of the most single minded hate filled articles about someones beliefs I have ever read. “I am not trying to insult believers.” Yet you go on to insult believers in the entire article. Read below about what your beloved Atheism has brought on our world in just recent times. Again I reiterate Atheism is a selfish denial way of thinking, with no evidence to support your claim as you cannot prove beyond a shadow of doubt that your way of Religion, which is what Atheism is, is the right way.

    • Chris Sievert

      Mao for China and the 3 Kim’s for NK created the Deification of State, they are not Atheist.

      • Martin Mayberry

        yes they were,having the Wrong god is just as bad as having no God!yes it is!

  • TheBob

    Still nothing from the peanut gallery.

  • Guest11

    Well, I read the entire thing in good faith, but as a Christian, I can’t relate to any of the words and descriptions you employ to explain me, so this can’t really resonate. And despite my best efforts, I can’t really connect the dots between your description of religion and any of my Christian friends, either. So this doesn’t really resonate.

    I’ve read the books; I’m familiar with the best and brightest arguments in favor of “destroying religion”….and this is one of the more emotionally driven, dogmatic, straw-man-filled ones I can remember.

    The problem is that I love science, I make every effort to be driven by reason, logic, and evidence, and I work hard at driving out any influence that my biases have on any of my opinions at all (something we all must do.) I could very easily use the exact same language that you do and make the case that atheists, not theists, are a scourge that must be wiped out. I could reference mass atrocities, heinous murders, and the sexism running rampant in the skeptic community. I could cherry-pick from the writings of Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, etc., and show them to be liars, advocates for eugenics, sexist, racist, and so on. I could claim that they frighten me, with good reason, because their ilk has called for an army of atheists to marginalize, and even criminalize, beliefs that they disagree with. That should scare anyone. I could claim that an increase in atheism would harm society. I’d have a lot of statistics and data on my side, as well.

    But if I did that, I would be acting on my worse tribalist impulses. You have to attack what your opponent actually believes, not a boogeyman version that exists only through the glass of your own biases. If you isolate the very worst elements out of the vast universe of what is called “religion,” of course it would look like evil incarnate. But you could do the same thing with any large, identifiable subset of people, including atheists. Especially atheists.

    I used to take very seriously the criticisms of Christianity based on pointing out shameful behaviors like church schisms (why do they happen so often?), scandals in the church, accusations that Christians are uncaring and don’t give enough, etc. I still care take those criticisms seriously, because those things are shameful, and “we” should do better. But the more time I’ve spent hanging out in and among the skeptic community and having these debates over and over, searching for actual data, the more the reality just doesn’t line up with the atheist creed. Once atheists started having communities of their own, online and in real life…I quickly started to appreciate church all the more.

    If morality without faith is superior, would the skeptic community be absolutely overrun by sexism? Would leading female skeptics complain, speaking out of character, that they feel less safe at a freethinker’s convention than in any other possible environment? How would that make sense?

    When New York got its first “atheist church” a couple of years ago, there was immediate infighting, and a split into two denominations due to irreconcilable differences. Like, after their first handful of services. So…are these religious problems, or can we not admit that this is just human nature?

    And then there’s sociology…what scientific studies there are (quite a few) lay bare that believers contribute more to charity…even if you’re only looking at secular charities. Same goes for volunteering. And there’s an inverse correlation between religious practice and youth crime, divorce, etc. Does that make sense in a world where belief in God is THE problem?

    Thank you for illustrating what it is that you fear and despise about religion and religious people. There is something to be learned by us, from you sharing your feelings. But if your goal is to prove that your biases and fears are justified, you need to present data. Those of us who are really, honestly willing to go where the evidence leads can’t do that without information. Not the anecdotal kind. Not selection bias. Not non-sequiturs (“these particular terrorists are religious. Terrorism is bad. Therefore, religion is bad.”) What evidence can you present that religion makes a person more dangerous, all other things being equal? We live in an information age now; screeds are nice and they do have an effect on some people, but you aren’t the hero in your culture war if you don’t police yourself to fight by the rules of reason, logic, and intellectual honesty.

    • Chris Sievert

      Atheist’s build Airplanes, Religions fly them into Buildings.

      • Martin Mayberry

        Maybe the religion of Islam is very close to atheism because neither one believes God will judge them for their actions!could be!

      • Robin518

        Comment of the day.

  • Miranda

    I don’t get it.I came here to turn into an atheist as frankly I don’t care a bit about religion.But you first assumption and you second assumption and so on are so wrong.wrong. Everyone knows there is no proof of religion. Maybe some wise men sat around a table and thought how to ultimately manipulate people. They succeeded very well and they must be genius of a high caliber.All Prophets ,saints are genius.They get us to believe in something which has no possibility of existing. God Exists is itself a paradox as existence is something seen or felt.God is none of that. So existence and god are contrary.However those wise men made us believe in an anomaly.Do you think that believers are unaware of what they hold near and dear is a fluke. But they still do.Faith is an important narrative.It gives you some ground,some identity,some hope.That is why people mostly stick to it because God id like a perfect father we never had. Without that concept and thinking that we are not even dots in the universe is what’s frightening for them.So till the time another genius comes and makes me convince with something I want and identify with I am happy with my sham. I need it because I want it.

    • Martin Mayberry

      science has the answer read what i wrote in response to this article!

  • Martin Mayberry

    The reason i am a believer in God is this, and it is science: DNA is information/codes it tells the cells how to behave and as far as we know information or codes can ONLY come from a mind! It is so complex Bill Gates “said it was one of the most complex things ever!” look up {what Bill gates said about DNA} so that means it can not be an accident of nature! but It has been around since the beginning of man kind and dinosaur kind! The human cell is irreducibly complex,meaning it needs all of its parts to operate if you take one part off it dies! why is that??That would mean that all the parts were needed in the very beginning for the cell to live. {please look it up} an THOSE 2 reasons alone are enough to tell me that a creator exist because they could NOT have evolved! so if those tell me a creator exist, it then behooves me to find out who this creator is and what he expects from me! And I have on 4 /10/ 1980,i went down to the alter and ask Jesus into my heart! I can say it is the answer to all I have hoped and dreamed and i would Not take anything for my journey now!I have peace and a reason for living and a hope and a promise that when i die i will live forever in heaven!While science is awesome and I study it but I find it unable to to be a replacement for God or a creator!l Lets face it science does NOT create anything, It is simply the study of God’s creation/nature. Please note that is did NOT give a bunch of religious reasons I believe in God. I gave you scientific FACTS as to why i believe evolution is horse hockey and God as creator is the ONLY alternative! also if you study the rings of Saturn and ask how could gravity make the rings so perfect and thin and straight? the only reason I can come up with after reading what scientist have said is they are NOT a mistake but were in fact made and upheld by God! Just as DNA and the cell is!Study it all closely and you will see science has the answer and it is GOD!

    • Chris Sievert

      Your “understanding” of Science is sorely Lacking. Science Creates a great many things including that wonderful device you posted your Idiocy for all to see. Man and Drosophila Melanogaster share common genes, now why would god need Fruit Fly Genes to “create”Man? The more reasonable answer is the in the distant past Mammals and Insects shared a Common Ancestor.

    • Chris Sievert

      What about Male Nipples? I mean whats the point, and it isn’t just the External Nipple, it’s the Internal PLUMBING of Milk Glands and Ducts. Why would a “Creator” give Men the Equipment to suckle young but NOT give the Hormones to make the Plumbing WORK?

      • Martin Mayberry

        because it is intelligent design to give the woman the ability to feed the baby since she gave birth to him! the male has to be out hunting and can NOT feed the baby!

        • Chris Sievert

          NO that is UNintelligent Design why would men have useless nipples Intelligent design would be to not add them.
          Next Point Science shows FEMALES came First then Males so there goes that humorous tale.

          • Martin Mayberry

            maybe God wanted man not to feel less than woman and gave man nipples so he would not feel let out! what ever the reason mine does not work! will I have them removed because of that reason??? NEVER!

          • Chris Sievert

            But he “made” man 1st so how could he feel left out?

          • Martin Mayberry

            woman ha more of a Job to be able to do with feeding the kids and all!

          • Martin Mayberry

            when the person dies that wrote this they will see what their fear of religion causes and then they will be in the Devils stock pot forever and then this person will see why they should have listened to God and accepted Jesus as Lord! but then it will be too late. The lack of Christianity scares me because with out God, hell is your future home for ever! and when you die you will understand how much God wanted you to stay out of Hell, But By rejecting Christ work on the cross you have accepted hell forever!

          • Martin Mayberry

            God made man and he rested and then God made women and NO ONE has rested since!

          • Martin Mayberry

            God made man 1st! No doubt! what ever lolly gagging science books you read should be discarded!

          • Chris Sievert

            There is doubt.

  • Martin Mayberry

    One of the disinformation stories that people do NOT understand is this fact! All religions do NOT have the same origins but people assume they do! the religion of Islam comes from the devil and the evidence for that is it is to kill, steal and destroy!{John 10:10} that is what Jesus said the devil does!and it is so! But Jesus said he comes that man can have LIFE and have it more abundantly! and that is what i have life and am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!

    so when you talk about religion is is NOT just made up in a persons mind it has an origin and that ORIGIN is either God or Satan!God will take you to heaven and Satan will destroy you in hell!

    • Chris Sievert

      You might want to read the History of Christianity for it’s 1st 1500 years. They were quite happy to say Convert or Die, just like Islam.

      • Martin Mayberry

        That was Catholics not protestants Catholics were and still are EVIL!

        • Robin518

          Like the catholics think the protestants are evil? Tell me, who do you approve of as the “true” christian?

          • Martin Mayberry

            southern baptist

          • Robin518

            Northern baptist says…Wrong!
            See the problem with this?

          • Martin Mayberry

            No because we can both agree to the basic tenants of the faith!we may disagree on small stuff but not on the important stuff like Jesus was the son of God and he arose from the grave! a lot of this “disagreement stuff” is made up in Atheist minds because they have no clue as to what they are talking about!

          • Robin518

            As a buybull educated atheist, I see how you are cherry picking your buybull & it’s tenets again. Zombie jesus christ has no meaning left in any of your christian religious sects. You’ve all perverted whatever his teachings were, to the point of Drumpf & Cruise.
            When you want to debate or discuss the buybull, find an atheist. We know it & see it objectively.

        • Chris Sievert

          They were CHRISTIANS. While not all Christians are Catholic anymore, all Catholics are Christians.

          • Martin Mayberry

            Catholics worship Mary and Catholics worship and pray for the help of saints and they also believe the Pope is the vicar of Christ on earth! Protestants believe the bible and that Jesus and faith in his shed blood is the only way to heaven!! {john 3:16} we do NOT worship Mary or believe that she intercedes for the church! or has any power over us to help us today!She was the mother of Christ but she still needed a savior! And the praying to saints for their help, protestants do NOT do that! If you put your faith in ANYTHING other than the completed work and blood of Christ on the cross for your salvation then you have no salvation! {john 3:16}{Acts 4:12}The catholic church has MANY people fooled but The Bible tells the TRUTH! NO pope is needed on earth for protestants And that TRUTH is what I stand on!

  • Martin Mayberry

    i have been a christian since 1980,i have been to many churches in my life And i have never hurt anyone or had any one from a church hurt me physically or in any other way! If I would have i would NOT go to church! BUT I do! so that destroys that lie now does it not?

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