Rant By An Irish Man Raped By Catholic Priest That Will Take Your Breath Away

I just saw this on Reddit and I absolutely had to share. This man, a former mayor in Ireland, and childhood victim of rape at the hands of catholic priests, lets loose what he really feels. He is trying to make ministers in the Irish conservative party, Fianna Fail, cease the funding that goes to Catholic institutions.

This is not easy to watch.

You can read more about the continued investigation into these crimes, here: http://www.childabusecommission.ie/

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    Gut wrenching.

  • Huginn

    Wow, that literally made me cry.

  • Anders

    I can’t watch this. I’m sorry, but it’s just too much.

  • James

    Not a bit afraid of their god but very afraid of lawyers, that in itself tells a lot.

  • Heartbreaking!

  • TJDVeteran

    I had the pleasure of attending private catholic k-8 then an all boys catholic HS for my freshman year. The summer between my freshman and sophomore year I told my parents that if they sent me back I’d run away and make sure I’d never see them again. I was as sheltered as you could imagine and being raised by two strict catholic parents who didn’t spare the rod you can imagine I went out of my way not to get beat. But they could see how dead serious I was and let me attend public HS after that. Now I wasn’t raped so I can’t imagine how these victims feel. I was grouped on several occasions and was told I was going to hell on a daily basis. If someone told my kid they were going to hell just once I’d make sure they’d never do it again. Fuck religion and if any of those priest that screwed with me both mentally and physically are reading this, fuck you too.