Every Atheist Needs: American Gods

Mad Sweeney

I was pregnant with my son, living in the Mayan Riviera when I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The majority of the book was read laying in the talcum sand of the beach at the end of Calle 38, Playa Del Carmen. There, against the background noise of turquoise waves crashing, I pondered more

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Atheist Life Hacks: How Disliking Oprah Makes You A Privileged White Racist

Oprah is a tit storm.

The other day, I posted this tweet (if bad words make you cry, click back now): My mom once asked, "How do you spell Oprah?" I said "C-u-n-t". Oprah Brings Atheists on Show- She HATES Them! https://t.co/vxTIGZECnB — 🇨🇦 Godless Mom (@godless_mom) June 20, 2017 and it was promptly met with a DM from a

9 Things ‘Atheist’ Does Not Mean

Atheists are satanists!

Okay, kids, say it with me. All together now: Atheism is just a lack of belief in a god. Nothing more, nothing less.  It’s like our mantra, our holy chant that we wail at the wall of ignorance. It never seems to stop; our need to explain the simplicity of atheism is neverending. I’m not

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Every Atheist Parent Needs: The I Survived Book Series

I Survived book series

It was way too late for me when I finally realized how much I loved history. It’d always been portrayed by my teachers with such lacklustre enthusiasm, picking out only the most dull and mundane points that could no sooner draw me in than Katy Perry could say something she thought up herself. My Dad

Well, I’m Convinced! Three Arguments For Islam

Browns Superbowl

As many of you know, I have a new cat. I’ve never been a cat owner before and I like it. He’s squishy and soft and loving and he likes to wake me in the morning for scratches with my long nails. For the first month or so, he was sleeping in my stepdaughter’s bed

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Every Atheist Needs: The Missionary Position

The Missionary Position - Christopher Hitchens

I know what you filthy heathens thought I meant, but if you’d get your sinful minds out of the gutter for two seconds, I’d like to talk about the book from the very missed, Mr. Christopher Hitchens about Mother Teresa. As you all know, Hitch had some very, very strong feelings towards the little sister

Follow Friday: The Jeeby Showdown

Nailed It

I follow Jesus. I know that’s the last thing you thought you’d read here on Godlessmom.com, but it’s time I told you the truth. I follow Jesus. In fact, I follow a few Jesuses and I think you should follow them, too. Check ’em out: Hunky Gay Jesus – this son of god has a

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Ask Mommy: What’s The Harm In Faking Theism? 

Faking faith

A couple nights ago, a really nice in-the-closet atheist sent me an email talking about why he remains in the closet. He’d read my post about Neil Tyson, and talked at length about his thoughts on what I said. He asked me many questions, but one in particular stood out because I don’t think I’ve

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7 Alternative Explanations For The Empty Tomb of Jeeby

The empty tomb of Jesus

Honestly heathens, you’re not really trying if you haven’t had someone ask, “Oh yeah? How do you explain the empty tomb, then?”. I thought we could tackle this question today. How can we explain the empty tomb of Jesus? For this exercise, we have to grant a few things. They are: Jesus existed. Jesus was

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Every Atheist Needs: Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Back in my hometown every summer, they host night markets. It was one of the many things the influx of immigrants from Asia brought us. There were stalls with dim sum and stalls with meat on sticks, you could get bubble tea and green tea ice cream cones, spiraled potatoes on sticks. The music, the smell,

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