New Video: TOP 5 ATHEIST PET PEEVES (updated for 2017)

Yeah, I finally made a new video after a year on hiatus. I thought I would kick off the new videos with an updated version of my Five Pet Peeves video which came out a few years ago. This have surely changed in that time, so without further blah blah blah, I give you my new five pet peeves:

What are your pet peeves as an atheist? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Halgeir VĂ¥ge

    My bigest pet peve is the need people have to thrust their religion upon the world, and not accepting differing opinion at all.
    My wife comes from a very religious family, I do not. My father was a sailor my mother volunteers at the church, I grew up confused :p
    But my inlaws will not accept a differing opinion, and will be violent in their responses to my lack of faith in their point of view.
    I wish we could all just accept each others opinion and move on, ideally religion would die out with people getting educated, alas given todays geopolitical climate I do not see that happening any time this or next century..