New Video! Q&A: The Secret Life Of An Atheist Revealed!

In this video, I answer some of the questions I’ve been getting from people around the web. Check it out:

The questions for this video were:

1. How did you realize you were an atheist?
2. What’s harder? Coming out as gay or coming out as an atheist?
3. Why do you make fun of religions?
4. Why don’t you criticize Islam more?
5. What was the closest you ever got to being religious?
6. You post a lot of pictures in church. Why are you in church so much?
7. Why are you so obsessed with prison issues?
8. Have you ever had anyone shame you for not raising your kids religious?
9. How does your stepdaughter’s mom feel about you being Godless Mom?

Nothing to do with Islam:…

The longer prison story:…

Atheist Inmates in their own words:…

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  • Relentless Humanist

    Hey Godlessmom I’ve totally enjoyed your Twitter and your site here. My story is that I started going to church when I was 13 and i had a lot of social anxiety and depression and I kind of used church as a bandaid to find a group to belong to. I “acccepted Christ as my savior” because I felt awful about myself and according to the Bible I was a sinner and bound for hell and punishment. It didn’t give me confidence or real peace because I still felt awful about myself and even worse because of course anything that feels good is a disgusting sin. Like a lot of Christians I felt guilt and shame for any sexual thoughts or actions and I felt like to make that all ok I had to get married. So I entered a really bad marriage and depression of course got worse and and even holding everything together with 3 kids I was so relieved when my marriage ended. After my divorce the church didn’t give much help and when I started to date I was criticized by my pastor for sinning when my girlfriend moved in for a time. So I left the church and went on this deep search and also started therapy for my depression and am finishing up my bachelors degree. I could not be happier as an atheist! No awful paining guilt or shame or looking down on anyone. Just learning who I am and where I fit in this awesome universe!

    • Ahh you sound like a smart person! Thank you for watching 🙂