New Video: Ask Mommy: Help! I’m Being Forced To Pray!

In this video I respond to a Facebook message from someone who is being forced to pray by their family. I can’t imagine that being my family’s response to me telling them I am an atheist, but this has certainly happened to plenty of people. Here is how I would deal with it:

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  • cary_w

    Good advice, but I’d like to comment on the idea of “pretending” to say prayers. We all know prayers don’t actually speak to God, but they are words that have meaning to your family members and have strong traditional roots. I think it can be helpful for an atheist in a religious family to focus on tradition, family custom, and politely respecting how things are done in other people’s homes, rather than feeling like they are pretending to pray to a non-existant God. Many of us enjoy religious music and art for it’s artistic value. We say “bless you” when someone sneezes because it’s an expression we grew up with, not because we think anyone actually needs to be blessed. I don’t think the tradition of saying grace before a meal is all that different from singing “Happy Birthday” on someone’s birthday or serving dinner on the special plate when someone is celebrating an achievement. I’m just saying that looking at it as a silly, but mostly harmless, family tradition rather than possibly deceitful pretending might make going along with the prayers more palatable.