New Video: 9 Signs You Might Be An Atheist!

Just a quick video this week, as my computer is starting to really slow down with the video editing. I need a new computer! But alas, I am a trooper and I will get these videos to you even if I have to edit on my phone. Without further blah blah blah, I give you,

9 Signs You Might Be An Atheist!

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What are some other signs you might be an atheist? Let me know in the comments!

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  • avelworldcreator

    I’m a systems programmer that live streams and simultaneously records videos on Twitch for a company. I can’t conceive of anything you are doing that will cause your computer to slow. Also I do complex editing and CGI work. Maybe you are running low on drive space? If that’s the issue then I suggest archiving what you can and doing some major defragging of your drives. There might be other diagnostics available but without knowledge of your system I’m shooting in the dark. Please tell me that you upgraded to Windows 10 when you could freely. Earlier OSs have issues that won’t be fixed any more.