New Common Heathens Episode! Guns, Gambling & Gripes!

We’re back! Your fave Aussie and the most foul mouthed Canadian mom are back and this time we’re discussing guns. Eeek. Yeah, it’s one of those powder keg issues but Oz and I have never really been known to shy away from the scary shit.

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As always, I love the fuck out of you all. Yes, even haters. Thanks for listening:


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  • Elliot George

    Great to hear you guys on audio!

    Yes, some Americans have a weird attitude towards guns probably because it’s big business – vested interests resist change.

    It’s not everywhere – Vermont and Oregon are like Canada with a sane possession of rifles and shotguns for hunting or protection from bears but, further south, they keep hand guns or even semi-automatic assault rifles for killing each other!

    There’s this myth that ‘good guys’ (in white hats?) need weapons to defend themselves against ‘bad guys’ (in black hats)! Hollywood may have had some influence in this…

    Here in the UK, guns are so difficult to get the terrorists have to resort to attacking us with knives and vehicles. The death toll is much less…